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  1. Oh man I was once again too busy talking shit to get any decent photos. Thanks for those that came and a special thanks to the grenada and the vg valiant wagon for coming along. We hope to see you both at more of our meets. Chur!
  2. I believe I spotted you driving past my work in brightwater. Thursday arvo I think?
  3. You want to watch me have a mental breakdown don't you?
  4. Great work! Nice clean work bench you have there! It would be a shame if someone.... Put welding spatter all over it!
  5. I was motoring in The pogs Super Snipe. Totally missed you! To be honest I didn't think that they would be open and busy. Sorry about that and will hopefully see you at the next meet.
  6. We must have just missed each other. I chilled there for about 10 minutes before heading out to the rally
  7. Hi all. Our next meet will just be a simple cruise to Ruby bay for BBQ and banter. Sunday 13th December let's say at 12. Do people want to meet up and cruise to ruby bay or just catch up with everyone there? Your thoughts pleases and thank yous
  8. Yes I thought about doing the same but I had better keep the weight up around the 2.7 ton mark But thank you, thank you kindly!
  9. Yes the xm 180 pro. It's exactly the same as yours isn't it? Such a fine machine really, just doesn't seem to like it when lead seeps out of the part I'm trying to weld though
  10. I started cutting out the rust and replacing that shit. Now I weld all day err day but have very little experience with panel work so let me know if you see something stupid Left side if windscreen before Patch 1 Patch 2 Patch 3 And patch 4 I killed the rust before each patch went on and have finished it off with an etch primer. Just needs a touch of spray filler before I paint. I then did the same with the left rear wheel arch Before. After. Basically the same to do on the opposite side, then alot of repair needed around the boot seal part. I've also realized that I'm totally not rich enough to bag it this time round. So that will have to wait. Chur
  11. Tune in next week for your next lesson on Amplifiers and subwoofers
  12. Hmm sounds like this meet is a bit of a fail but I'll be at Jacks tyres at 10am if anyone is coming
  13. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48419-fs-3-dr-mk1-golf-whg/?fromsearch=1
  14. what you see is really the worst of the rust. Yea I considered soda but I could get sand with ease, plus there is about 6 different layers of paint/filler to get through so I went for the reuseable option
  15. So Ive been doing some shit to this shit Stripped her down like a cheap hooker and laid into her. Went and brought the nastiest tarpaulins I could find and set up a sandblasting booth Had to buy a new nozzle and new garnet for works sandblasting unit but at least I'm now using good stuff. Also borrowed Reco's spare air compressor thinking it should be up to the task... it wasn't. So I trundled off in search of more air, ended up borrowing a mates petrol powered compressor thinking surely with these 2 combined... The sandblaster seems to work best at around 150 psi but even with one compressor feeding the other I could get about 40 seconds of good pressure before it went flaccid. Not cool! Ill look into hiring a big bastard trailer compressor to do the job. Anyway...some more pics Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/41479-sidewaysickness-1971-ford-ltdgalaxie/
  16. Thanks again everyone! Excellent roads for an excellent day! Since my car is on shed guard duty I was the car slut of the day and jumped into almost every car there. I loved the fact that out of the 8 cars we had along today, we didn't have a manufacturer double up. (I included Will's shuttle but he was kind enough to park it well away so he didn't steal the show) Pics
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