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  1. Cant find how to edit my signature on this stupid mobile version so cant do anything there. I'm keeping the bodykit as its incredibly rare and putting it on my project 360. I have another one which i' going to cut which ever way i dont cut this one. I've also got a link on yet another one to cut up, so i'm thinking firewall camping trailer, B pillar tool box/storage and maybe a ute?
  2. But seriously though, the old girl is on 17's with a top tailgate spoiler. No engine in it yet. I have an 83 760 with a forged B23ET sitting at home ready to go in. Got a plug & play loom in from england so i can run a new OS. Next is to get the flywheel machined and re-drilled, then get the clutch kit in from england. Then progress can really begin. Next update next year lol
  3. So 3 yearly topic update. Thats it.
  4. So about a year ago i picked up this 360GLT for 1k no wof/reg. BUT. It has one special addition. A full genuine bodykit. Between me and my grandfather, who has been in the volvo game for over 50 years, its one of 3 known to us in NZ. The plan was for a full restoration, but upon wof inspection, its almost as much rust as metal and bent chassis rails from people jacking up off them. So now the bodykit is coming off, and the car is destined, to become, a trailer. The question is everyone, do i cut it at the B pillar or firewall? Whats everyones opinions?
  5. That's because these good old redblock volvos just don't die. Usually the car will rust around the drive train.
  6. She looks a very nice whale. Volvo wagons , except for the 2L 10 valve 850s, are amazing work horses, and the red blocks just won't die either. If your on Facebook look up Volvo Marketplace (nz). There's a few 240 people who would be quite interested in this little project.