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  1. Holy mother of god I like your build thread......will be my next car build
  2. FINALLY it's rolling happy happy joy joy
  3. The see me rollin – they hatin. So yesterday was a good day – aside from the mega flood out west Auckland….only the floor of my shed got wet which was super lucky. I secured the hubs to the struts and sat the struts in = rolling. I surprised myself with the guestimation of ride height at the rear as it was almost perfect – albeit without any actual weight in the car. The fronts seemed to be at a nice height too however I will need to see it with the engine, box, glass bla bla in. On a side note, I’ve been looking high and low for my gearbox cross member bush and basically turned the shed inside out over the past 2 months……I went to move the gearbox and reached under it and what do ya know……there it is, secured to the frikkin gearbox. This is the automotive world equivalent of looking for your glasses when they are on your head. Now to get the oil pick up extended so I can hoon on the sump and plonk the engine in the hole. Injectors are ordered for the custom quad throttle bodies – 4 x Bosch 630’s including pigtails. Once they arrive, I can have the top half of the throttle bodies fabbed up as it needs a custom rail to suit injectors and the velocity stacks need slight machining to fit on.
  4. Yea - next steps... Front struts, steering, sway bar and arms in = rolling extend oil pick up and then I can put the sump on. Then box and this all can be mounted in the car. Plenty more things to do also...stress
  5. I managed to wrangle the diff into the car over the weekend and now it’s sitting on the ground/bricks on its own weight. There would have been jack removal issues without the bricks. I will hoon it on the garage floor soon. Engine bay is done and all that’s required now is a buff. I’m happy how the sunrise red has darkened and the clear has really made it pop. It should make a nice contrast to the huckery exterior haha Next is engine and box, front struts etc.
  6. I picked up some hi tensile bolts and 'cone lock' nuts. The guy told me there is no need for spring washers if you use 'cone lock' nuts? Anyone know if this is the case and if they are all good, can the 'cone lock' nuts be removed without compromising the 'cone lock' properties?
  7. Riiight - now that RE union and the nats are done and dusted, I'm able to cobble together manpower to help piece together the sled. Just a couple more engine bay coats remaining and then we can get the front end in. Diff should be in this week
  8. Diff is all together apart from the odd bolts here and there. I just need some high tensile ones for the flange ends as these will hold on my caliper brackets therefore the standard ones won't do. This is also good as I can't find them. FML. Hopefully this week, I can have the rear end rolling and the adjusties wound down A few of the Rotor West lads chipped in and got a tyre machine and balancer off trademe. We fired it up last Friday and now I have tyres on my hotwires. Oh, my custom rad and cooler turned up the other day - quality bit of kit right there
  9. After another rub-down, we shot another layer of sunrise red in the bay. Now there are only a few patches where you can see the sanding marks therefore yet another rub down will be needed. The colour really deepened after the second coat and should be looking bang on after another couple. Somehow I have lost 1L of clear in my shed somewhere….FML. The FXGT brakes/s2 RX7 discs are all fitted to the dummy diff and this all should be ready to bosch together this weekend. The discs were opened up on the lathe so that they fit over the ‘snout’ of the hub extensions which allows me to run my RX2 wheel centres. Hoping that this weekend I can have the rear end rolling and the bay painted. 6 mates pooled in $80 each and we got ourselves a tyre changing machine and balancer off trademe - this is living in a mates shed and will give us free tyre changes for life.
  10. this one right
  11. I agree - the rear panel looks killer. I have a complete rx2 beaver panel, lights and garnish that will remain a wall hanging for now, as it's likely I keep this look. The auto badge haha yea.....I need to double side tape the garnish on and this particular one has all the pins in tact on the back. My mate has another one with no pins, so I probably will get that as I'm loathed to cut the pins if someone else can use the original un-messed with one. 6 of us bought a tyre machine and balancer last week - this will be stashed in a mates shed and should save us loads on trye changing etc. That and earn us beer money for letting others use it. Some tyre places charge like wounded bulls for tyre removal/fitting.
  12. A bit of an update for those who are interested in the build…. I finally got my rear upper adjustable trailing arms and panhard rod back from the engineer - now onto 2k-ing them and putting in the new nolathane bushes. I decided to 2k the cross member as it was scratched from all the test fitting - it has come really nice. The gearbox cross member was done too. I will re do the steering linkages, steering box and other bits shortly too. On Saturday, I picked up my custom Koni adjustable suspension - it’s not too long now until I’m rolling…. Just a few more coats of sunrise red in the bay then it all can go back in. Lastly, I bought a 616 tail garnish which I think looks great. I do have the rx2 beaver sitting there, however I will roll this look for a while/perhaps forever. I’m currently on the lookout for a money tree if anyone has one kicking about…
  13. I got myself a Phils Rotarys RX2 coupe rubbers kit and it came with all the pedals. I had the small bits passivated and just rust killed rattle can'd the body. Passivating really does make it pop esp against the black. It's a relatively cheap procedure and cleans up your bolts etc too.
  14. 24 spline old school Mazda LSD rebuilt with new bearings etc and a 4:4 crown wheel and pinion from an RX7. Should give it more snap from the old 3:9
  15. finally a lick of paint in the engine bay.....not to fix all the imperfections (most of them) and lay some more colour down Adjusties here next week and diff has been rebuilt