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(South) Auckland ppl - anyone able to house my car?

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Hey team,

Come first week of June I'll be losing the parking spot in Onehunga where I usually keep my Diamante wagon for when I fly in/out of the country. Does anyone have the space or know of a parking spot I can put it? Ideally within ~20min of the airport but beggar's can't be choosers I guess. I usually come back to NZ to visit once or twice a year and use it to get down to my folks place in the central north island so having it somewhat near airport is ideal. Hoping to avoid street parking if I can, it seems to be a magnet for people hitting it apparently.

It will have WOF/rego/insurance etc so you'll be able to use it occasionally if need be, but maybe not best suited to become your daily haha. 3L V6 manual with large flat floor boot, fold down rear seats and towbar, might come in handy.

Let me know if this is an arrangement that could work for one of you guys/gals - chur!


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I guess I could put it in my driveway if you don’t find a better offer by the deadline. I’m over the hill from Onehunga in Mount Roskill not far from the Hillsborough offramp. My drive is uncovered, and the birds poo on clean or dark-coloured cars if I forget and park under the power lines. :rolleyes:
A wagon would be more sensible than an XJS for transporting my keyboard to band practice. 

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