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Ford Sierra 3 door Replica

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Managed to get it out of the garage to take radiator out and water pump off as it was stuffed couldn’t find any of these in NZ so brought new ones off eBay also started painting bits and pieces to put back in the inside.

got carpets back in and seats starting to look better.





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So been working on small bits and pieces like putting front door cards in ,put drivers side mirror on .haven’t put passengers one on because family will hit it when walking past in the garage.

trailered it to a mates place cause he’s got a hoist managed to fit new brake discs and went through whole brake system bleed them up and they seem fine now also took fuel tank out and cleaned out inside of tank blew out fuel lines and put new fuel pump in and new filters .

cut rear muffler off as it was rusted replaced with a straight bit of pipe .

put new water pump in and new radiator, took out power steering as was leaking drop off to get reconditioned. Put back in with new tie rod ends and have no photos of any of it sorry ..........:shaking:


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Well it’s been a couple of months I’ve been chasing some wiring gremlins currently have the bottom of dash all pulled out ,I had the car running during lock down and found I couldn’t turn it off , I could turn ignition off and pull key out and it would still run which is not good .

i still haven’t found the problem but I think it has something to do with the burnt out blinker stem which is connected to the hazard lights which continually go all the time now even when key is out …so on the lookout for mk1 Sierra blinker unit.

I’ve put small bits and pieces back on like left wing mirror guard blinker light foot panels , rear wiper motor and electric aerial etc nothing exciting, but still things adding to get it on the road again.

ive taken advantage of COVID and got the car registered with out having a WOF …. Thanks Jacinda 


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