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Ford Sierra 3 door Replica

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21 hours ago, CPR Sierra said:

So after getting this home and then taking count on what I needed,I got on line and ordered me a RS500 body kit. When it got here I was quick to UN pack and mock up in place. I found out it didn’t fit to well, Especially the front bumper And the rear wing was badly warped I spent quite a lot of time cutting and fiberglassing and making brackets to hold everything on Plus trying to get all the gaps right on the front bumper.

mais you do I spent quite a lot of time Looking for parts on the computer I managed to find a person selling a parcel tray on trade me I told him what  I was trying to build and he told me he has 2 Parcel  trays and if I want one then I’d have to buy 2  and he also told me that he has a fiberglass RS500 English made front bumper as well.......and because my NZ one didn’t fit to well ....... I’m now the proud owner of 2 parcel trays and two front bumpers. 
here’s a few pics of mock up






Well time for another up date well I’ve worked on this continuously over the last 24 hrs and I’ve got lots done..... well truth be said yesterday pics were from last year and in lock down I got all panel and accessories sanded and fitted. The interior is an original xr4i which was all there and was very dirty from sitting around previous owners garage with rubbish all over the place when I say rubbish I mean parts  I’ve brought new rotors and tie rod ends and in this particular model it has drum rear brakes which I’m happy with at the moment as it’s only a cheap replica ,you see I’m only after the look of an old car and I can always improve later on.

so where was I oh yeah  interior was gutted out I got the seats all shampooed and carpets then I wrapped and put them into my shed ready for later all door cards were cleaned and centre console was repaired and painted and put away also of course I don’t have any pics of cleaning but have a few of pulling a part and a good old cuppa tea in the back seat with my son who is helping me with it.

so it’s off to the painters I’m not changing color as it’s cheaper for me not to paint all the door jambs ,the guy I brought it off told me it was shell racing red the same as Dick Johnson’s  and he was going to use it for a towing car for his race car which happens to be a Sierra cosworth painted and with The same livery as Dick Johnson’s cosworth... would have looked the part if he had finished it. ..... also goes to explain why my car has a tow ball. 
anyway some more pics


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