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ja1lb8s ms51 crown

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Tryed making the stainless   trim thats missing where the vinyl roof  finishs,  Used some old stainless off a hillman and  fit it on a wreck that my brother has. Think it could  have worked bit the stainless was  hard to work with and didnt turn out as nice as I wanted





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And because Im impatant I had to make the vinyl roof trim on the car after it was painted which is definately a dumb thing to do.

Managed without any scratches which really surprised me

Used brass this time , heeps easier to work with and came out real well








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In the meantime Id been giving the engine a tidy up and all the other parts a birthday so I could start putting it together when It came home

Hardest part of this whole builds been tracking down rubbers off other models and cars  to adapt because cant buy anything for this  off the shelf



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somewhere along the way I got all the crhome redone , dunno where all the photos are bit heres one of the mirrors finished

Had too diegrind out all the corroded parts and fill and sand without scratching my new chome, came up all good though.

Same process with the door handles and other parts made up out of that cast muck metal rubbish


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