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VK327s 1986 VK Royale with Boost


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Since iv entered this thing in OS drags this year, its about time i  chucked up  a post about one of my latest money pits....

1986 VK  Royale (vk and a half efi 3.3)

After a palmy  swap meet road trip a couple of years ago in this VK  my  mate Chris offered me this... so  it came home with me.

I drove it for a while as is fixing a few issues and decided to  sell off my other VK as a rolling body (kept the 327 for our HQ more in that some other time) also kept all the good bits for this one (suspension seats etc) 

then came the decision to  do something different...  and so  it all started with  a cheap  second hand gt35 turbo off facebook (which turned out to  be rooted) then came the Garrett turbo and the turbosmart bits and the link G4 and the gearbox, clutch,  driveshaft and the full engine build.... and into  the pit of $$ this car goes

to  save me rambling on Ill let the pictures do the talking....

also discuss here: 






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had to move a bunch of wiring so  rewired with an under dash  fuse box ,

had the whole setup fitted to  the old 270000k engine, made 168rwkw and 598nm of torque,  annnd 3 days later blew the rear main seal coming back from kumeu in january. since then its been torn apart new rebuilt engine painted bay and a whole lot of other little things





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Well back on the dyno at protune yesterday, made some good power (175rwkw 445nm at 11psi) but found an oil leak, seems like this car just dont like dynos haha, at least i was only cleaning up an oil puddle on the dyno and not engine pieces 

Got home and checked it out, pulled the clutch dust cover...bonus its not the rear main rope seal.

Waiting on an engine support bar to arrive and il drop the sump clean it up Gonna weld in a couple of sump breathers and go to town with the rtv 


Oh and all before drag day...







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Post drag day have been daily driving to work,  broken another 2 t5 gearboxes one blew a 3rd syncro the other sounded like an angry chipmunk so now running on a Frankenstein box made from 3 parts boxes, iv decided to splash out and get a jzx110 r154, waiting for my billet adaptor to gm bellhousing to arrive from the states and will be getting it fitted up and the clutch modified again, bonus is shifter in the right spot and cube speed short shifter off the shelf but need to make a new longer halfshaft, cue the i need a lathe for ....things talk with the Mrs (too late its already ordered) (also the you need another gearbox why?) haha




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