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Kimjon - No13 (twin 49cc motors on a drift trike)

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A few highs...then a few lows...as my flywheel disintegrated into a million bits...cunt!!!


But that's all fixed now.




Fuck yeah...

I've dialed in the cables to now lift the carburetor slides in sync, got it going mint.

My fuel tank mount broke the cast mounting holes on the motor in this vid, weird as I've used this system heaps without issue on other motors. But I've got it sorted but locating onto the clutch bell mounting holes now.


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Mint paint, prior to a carburetor leaking fuel all over it. Turns out VHT "aluminum" paint isn't fuel resistant. Paint washed off like water. Fuck it, patina paintjobs are all the rage these days aren't they?

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Brommmm broommmmm!!!

Fully working. I've ordered brakes off Ebay to suit. Need some pvc sleeves and done. But those are bolt on parts that will take 5 minutes to install, so pretty happy with it really all things considered.



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New clutches installed.


Probably should have checked these before putting it all together, but when using secondhand stuff there's a lot of unknowns.

Much better now. Has scary mid range powerband. Should be awesome for drifting...

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Clutches sorted, first test on ridiculously big sleeves. Yip...it'll do skids! Will make a world of difference going to small diameter sleeves  (think trying to start off in 3rd gear Vs 1st gear in a car).


And some brakes would be nice too.


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Ebay brakes arrived, less than a week for delivery door to door! I can practically feel the Corona on it.


But, I fucked up and it doesn't just bolt on as I hoped. So I have choices to make:

1) make new mounts 


2) mix and match parts from the new one to fix up an old one with the right hole spacing, but has fucked internals.



Yip, option 2 appealed more to me...done! Has brakes, will stop.

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