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Quick little update..
Bike WOF was approaching fast and I needed a few things..
1. Indicators weren't E marked
2. Tail light was integrated with indicators and not acceptable + the difference between tail and brake light was marginal and you'd argue very unsafe if you didn't have your wits about you/person behind didn't have their wits about them
3. Rear tyre wasn't goneskies completely but I wanted to swap it out for a better quality one
4. Rear brake pads were at a marginal level.. Would have needed to be replaced in 1000 kms so was a no brainer to swap out while tyre was getting changed.

I ordered some dome indicators and an orbit tail light from Purpose Built Moto.
Here is a reminder of how it looked before frontĀ  and rear

I wasn't sure on how to mount the new tail light because I need to make sure I can still get the rear hump off as it's got a seat under there for the little man so best option was to tuck the number plate up even further and run the tail light underneath. I also didn't want to run the indicators either side of the plate so grabbed some shock mounts for the new indicators.. Looks much cooler IMO




Happy days, really happy with the results. These have to be the brightest indicators i've ever seen.. Even in direct sunlight they're incredibly bright.
Tail light when on lights up the outer LED's like a halo and then the centre lights up about 20 LED's which are also blindingly bright..

Also while it was in the shop I had them set the suspension up for my weight. I felt the ride was too firm and I felt every little bump..
New tyre + adjusted suspension = whole new bike!
Very happy.

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