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Bricks 69 beetle


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@64valiant was selling a beetle and somehow i convinced the wife that we needed a joint project. 

@64valiant is chief adviser to ensure nothing too shit is done to it. Because he's a VW expert and truly entrenched in the VW scene and I'm a closet bogan this probably wont end well (EG, while i think this car is perfection, he's busy swallowing his own vomit.)



(not mine, but i wish it was)

Pretty keen to get this going ASAP, budget is essentially $500 a month until its going

I'll put up some pics of our piece when i get home but happy to hear every bodies thoughts/advice/do you have a floor pan with live rego sitting around?

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This is consuming far too much of my thinking time.. theres so much to learn and so many cars out there that most things seem to be done to death and easy to find information on.

I was hoping to be spending less time cleaning and more time doing actual cool stuff but have more time than $$ so meh.

Painted suspensions and new balljoints.

Ps. I wasnt trying to paint the disc surface.


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Had a few minutes so visited the lockup and wifey helped me pull the seats out.

The seat mounting brackets that are welded to the seat bases are weird. They look kinda factory but also super unprofessional-10mm thick flat bar, with extremely tight bolt/frame clearance.  

Does anyone know if this seat fabric is factory?

And check out the before and after cleaning pics. They got a soapy scrub (brown water, yuck) and then an actual waterblast.. the vinyl has a very deep texture which was FULL of human filth.






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