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Alternators shat... meh..electronic ignition crapped out.. Make some new wires bash a new one on... still kind of missed and ginned around 

fix the voltage drop issue across the key switch/wires.. put a relay in to drag a +12 across to the coil + 


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put my hand up between chassis and frame.... felt a little bit to rust like for me to be ok with I needed to inspect.... 

pulled the frame not as bad as I thought it was going to be just surface rust. .... wire buff... and PA10 shal be my friend. 

Might as well keep it nice and not let it go to waste in front of my very eyes. 






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Very happy with the PA10. Smell is something else but it's done exactly what it's men't to do. 

chucked the frame back up gave it all a bit of grease. Engine back down on mounts. 

Just waiting on the springs to come back from the sand blasting powder coating.

Bit over the top for a Friday night if i'm honest. 



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This is a not so amazing up date. (turn back now) 


After fixing the ignition getting the car going then have it die and burn a trigger out I replaced it put a tank of fuel threw it around town. Today I drove over the Takaka hill ginger careful. No AA roadside assist. 

It's all in my head that it's going to not make it.. It glided threw 240K of solid driving without issue. 

Here It is at collingwood. I think that issue can be put to bed. 

The tyres still have 5mm tread I need to finish them before wraping the Superstars in a better choice of tyre. Thinking slightly stretched and lots lower in profile. 

What do you guys think ? 205/80 is way to big in the sidewall for the new rims ? 




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It's been a good summer winter chugging all over the place. 

I'v noticed some bubbles here and there. The bonnet is of concern I'll never get another one. So lets look at some rust. A true feature of H330's 

rear seam wheel arch where the back joins on zT3fUKI.jpg

corner of a door M0cr5mr.jpg

bonnet full of filler. yay 6WB8JrY.jpg

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bit of a update for Jan, been pritty quiet on OS to be fair. But i'v had a bit on. 

been putting a bit of effort in to get this to the next stage. Decided the bonnet is too much for me so it can go off to someone who knows whats going on. 






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I have returned with a updates. 

I got a diff for a manual 3.7's the new wheel tyre combo messed with the gearing so bad. Oh yeah it's back running. I split it to bits ( said diff) and decided it was time to re bearing it. It was all going well till I found the chip in the pinion. Looks old/historic. Set it up to favor a bit more heel or toe.. Can't remember and put it in. Goes fine I'm going to forget about it and call it job done. Car makes not enough HP to ever be a issue. 



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been umming and arreeing about fitting up fender mirrors. It's a real fuck trying to look behind you with 1 rear view mirror in a bigger vehicle. 

I had been doctoring up the mounts for the mirrors I have. Today I bit the bullet and drilled some holes. right or wrong they are on there now.

They do change the look of the car a lot and they look massive to me. I wonder what they are actually off ?

Anyway they work as good as fender mounted mirrors can.

Not sure can always pull them off I guess.



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