Matteybeans ms65 1973 crown

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Ok update! Managed to find a 4m and auto box in good working order, a manual steering box, automatic pedals and a 1 piece auto driveshaft! Not a bad week.


A friend and i will be heading down to wellington on the Friday 10th august, stay somewhere and pick up car on sat morning and drive back.


Any GCs have a couple couches we could crash on for the night? Can provide shit yarns and cold beers? Mmmm cold beer! 

If this sounds like you lemme no in discussion


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Today and i went and picked up the trusty 4m and 3 speed auto trans. Is a good reliable runner. Was even used to get its previous crown to caffiene and classics this morning.

Will give it all a good clean up over next week




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Tonight decided to make a start been a long week. I removed the engine mounts. The original mounts appear to be still attached but grinded off half n squared with chassis. Hopefully joining onto them will be easy.








Gave it some hammerite metal can see the mount cut off about 15mm inside the weld line.



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Did abit more over the weekend.

Gave the car a good waterblast, degreased it a few times and waterblast some more and more.

Engine and gearbox are taking up my axle stands so had 2 left so started with the rear.

Disassembled shocks and brakes.. shocks are obviously fucked







Decided to tidy up arches it needed a touch up so undersealed it all again 





The chassis rail on the body had alot of surface stuff so got the por15 equivalent gave it a once over with wire wheel on grinder and got stuck in

Got abit carried away the underside of boot also had some surface rust so that got the same treatment then i went n undersealed the whole boot..



Turns out the spare red springs have had a makita hair cut.. so thats what will be going back in



Also went and met some good cunts and continued my crown part collection



Uncut engine loom 




Engine mounts and rubbers, 1 piece driveshaft and an auto pedal box 




2x inner front guards as somehow mine got left behind in wellington somehow.........




Automatic center console


That is all for now.






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So i Had a big weekend planned for the crown as mrs is still on holiday but that didnt happen. I did have a big weekend non the less 


Grabbed my mates welder thinking i would smash out some rust. 






Someones previously hit it with some por15 so im quite lucky the whole bottom isn't rusted out.










Have put some rust converter over it for now i will have this and few other bits dipped when im ready to paint.


When i was cleaning up the rear arches i found some more rust at the bottom of passenger arch where it meets sill






Couple other patches they seemed alright just needed to cut off the edge where its rusted out.






Repco had ordered me in alot of stuff which it turned out to all be wrong so ive gone to bnt and wheel cylinders being rebuilt. No listing for brake shoes or shocks so have left them my ones to match up. Flexible brake hoses are having to be made up. Should get it all back mid week to reassemble so i can push it out n clean my garage from this  weekends efforts before starting on the front.


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So i started on the drivers side today and its just as bad haha. Few old repairs and good 10mm bog covered it.


















Its amazing what you find hidden...

This will be interesting haha. In other news i picked up some cool stuff



New rear gas shocks


Some new flexible brake hoses. Had em made up as wasnt a listing. And new wheel cylinders for the rear.

Rear brake shoes still have alot of meat leff so since i havent found any yet 200 odd bucks having them re lined seems silly if not needed. Will assemble once i finish this rust.




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So i finished putting the rear brakes n suspension back together.







Back on its orginial steelies i started on the front. 




Picked up new monroe front shocks and a pajero master brake cylinder. Is suppose to be a good upgrade.




Dropped off the rotors for a skim they have paint n crap on em n calipers sent away for rebuild




Front end. 



Also brought a super saloon grille n headlight surrounds. I like it much better than the triumph look alike.

Thats all


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Haven't been doing nothing!

Grille n surrounds turned up fucking choice! Even smelt like Thailand when i opened it. Bonus




I also got my rotors and calipers back they were rebuilt and they are looking bloody good.






So i started to reassemble 





For some reason they decided to give me back my brake lines with 11mm heads when i gave them mine to match up which had 10mm metric....



Anyway.. brought an 11mm spanner and carried on...


I started on passenger side and instantly noticed a difference in the machined rotors. Bnt machine broke so they got someone else to do this side it is still really rough like the blade was blunt or a hard n fast cut. Will this be ok or should i take back for a quick skim. Those grooves stick out not in. Im worried itll put grooves in the new pads?? Heres some pics




Heres the drivers side.




Keen to no plan on putting together today? 




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Put the passenger side on. Will put brake pads on tomorrow as had to order them in.


Left the caliper off to take with me to test fit pads. 


Also brought some Auto Strata meshies mk4 in orginial 1982 condition. Plan on just cleaning up n running as is for now. Will eventually widen to 8" all round. These were a collaboration with Pirelli, hence the Pirelli centre caps. Three piece construction with welded lip/barrel and removable faces.


15" x 6.5" +10 all round.









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Got some new bendix brake pads today. They didn't give me any R clips so just went n brought some couldnt be fucked waiting any longer.






Its back on its all 4 now. The rear shoes i think are binding would bleeding them help sit the shoes in place? I cant push car out of garage on my own it feels like the wheel can do a full rotation then it stops. 

Weird will jack up and have another look tomorrow night.



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Decided to crack on while stripping the shit off the fire wall one of the rubber mounts looked garage spec so welded in a plate and cleaned it all up n put some epoxy primer on.








Am still deciding on what colour to paint it. Im stuck between a factory crown colour "E8T midnight blue" but it looks alittle green to me.






Something like this also looks good




Or a light blue metallic  hmmmmmm 




Help is welcome here!!




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Small update!

Brought some epoxy primer. Hi build primer prepsol ect to crack on with it






Still undecided on paint but i have chosen 2 colours in test pots for now.


Left is suppose to be factory crown colour it is an updated colour which was updated back in 2012. Its "e8t midnight blue" which is this. To me it looks lighter tho and more like this wagon.






And one on right is "ford impact deep blue"





Removed the doors and cleaned up the jams a little need to sand it back a shitload more but will make a start tomorrow. 




Windscreens due to come out friday night. 


Sandy sandy sandy. Fucking yay.


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Forgot to mention aswell, brought another ms65 crown parts in chch. Shes pretty fucked. 

Mainly bought it to chop out the engine mounts as thats what will be holding me back.

It is a ms65 facelift super saloon so ill take the grille and badges, all the factory tinted glass.  Fuel tank. Few plastics bits n bobs that i need. All the chrome and then get it scrapped. Panels are all pretty rooted so hopefully fuel tank isnt too bad has been sitting for awhile.

If theres anything specific anyone needs let me no i fly down 26th october and will be putting onto a pallet to have shipped up.

Yeah. How good!

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