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Karl's - 1976 Honda EB Civic

- i5oogt -

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This car was never supposed to be mine (I have plenty of projects already). It was one of the cars down at the infamous christchurch car graveyard. It was originally purchased by another forum member after the 2017 Hanmer Meet. It still had live plates (just) it hadn't turned a wheel in quite some time as you can see by the pictures from when we first saw it









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One problem with this car was the plastic sliders on the driver's window regulator we're broken.

Karl had got the regulator out of a wagon eb civic that was out at the graveyard but the regulator was different . Still had the plastic sliders though.

The only way to get them off is to cut the rivet off.

With out having any new rivets I had to chisle the rivet out in a way I could re-rivet it to work again.

Carefully it was done 

I also end up welding nuts to the back of where it bolts into the door frame as they had been stripped. 

Rivet ready for re-use 


one downreceived_1717837974990418.thumb.jpeg.3fd26c85835254bdff29ce095f29eac8.jpeg

One rivet re done


Ready to go back in the door


teeth are a little worn received_1717884611652421.thumb.jpeg.3ac57f65e7fb30a32239e1ebd757811c.jpeg

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In last couple days I've dissasembled both front calipers only to find pistions like new and good seals. Quick clean and back together they went

This arvo with @- i5oogt - bleed the brakes in the hope they would sort them selves out.

Only to find one rear drum dragging real bad. Took apart to find the slave cylinder was siezed on one side. The wall of the cylinder is in pretty good condition being aluminium. May get new ones if available.



Also went digging into the back right corner to see how far the rust went........



Wheel arch has had a prang and been filled up. Will pull this mess out


Couple little bits of rust to fix




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Went to safe r brakes to get seals for wheel cylinders. Figured I'd ask about complete cylinder. As it luck would have it 2 new cylinders on the shelf for s measly sum of $20 each (trade account)

Probably should've gotten new shoes, but meh 

only one photo


just need to bleed the air back out if the fronts again. Stupid single circuit brakes 

Next step: tackle the rust

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