Bens 1972 Plymouth Scamp

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So I had a call from FEDEX last week,

When I ordered all my parts from Rock auto, I spent a heap of time doing it in smaller orders to keep it under the $400 limit to avoid GST,  however because its all coming in on the same Plane Customs has stung me an extra $192 because they class is as one shipment, Lesson learnt there haha,


Anyway Parts are in NZ and I should have them tomorrow or Wednesday, Will be like Christmas again, Photos to follow,

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While I wait on parts to arrive I decided to start the long painful tedious job of underseal removal (as the guy who is going to blast and paint the underbody wants the underseal gone as the media he uses won’t remove it)

got the right rear floor pan cleaned up, happy to report no holes haha, 


This is where the two rusty fuel lines were sitting (see above) 


Looks good under there as that was one of the areas of concern for me


Also forgot to put these pictures up, they are of some receipts I found in the glove box, 

Auto trans rebuild receipt:



Receipt for 4 tyres (hard to read in photo):



and a registration receipt: 


Hopefully parts turn up tomorrow 

Discuss here:


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Continued with the tedious job of underseal removal, 4hrs in and maybe 1/8th of the job is done. But it’s on the easiest parts to begin with so am expecting that to be faster progress than the other parts 

again I’m happy with the condition of things under the underseal, 


better news yet is that most of my parts have arrived from Rockauto


and the contents 


just waiting on the ball joints to turn up now, 

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Progress has been slow due to having to do grown up stuff. 

The upside to this is that all going to plan my wife and I have purchased a new house that has a 70m2 American barn shed, so will be getting a hoist once we move in which will make working on cars so much better. The plan for now isto replace the wheel cylinders, replace the hard fuel line that I’ve removed already, and then I’m going to strip the roof so I can drop the car to the panelbeaters just before we move to get it out of my hair 


anyway I’ve replaced the rear wheel cylinders and sorted the extra long brake line on the diff

before, too long and wrapped around the diff, 


Now, tidy, the right length and secured by the clamp 




I’ve also swapped the headlights out for a set of semi sealed ones with the correct lenses for NZ


nothing major, but slowly chipping away!

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Ok so the house thing is all going to plan. The downside to this is that the people who are buying my house want a fast settlement. As in we have three weeks to pack everything up ready to move house. 

What this means for the Plymouth is that I need to get it to the panelbeaters to have the roof tidied up (where the factory leading has been removed and poorly bogged) and repainted. 


However I had started to replace brake components and had run into issues with the fixed lines braking. And I hate making brake lines, in all my years as a mechanic it has always been my most hated job, 

I had borrowed an SP tools double flare kit from @Shakotom however the 3/16 mandrel centre pin is bent and I couldn’t for the life of me get it to do a nice straight flare. So I stumped up and bought an Eastwood 3/16 double flare tool, 




It’s called an on car double flare, however you can remove the handle and mount it in a vice. The flares come out very nice and it’s way easier than using the conventional style double flare tool. 


Broken lines have been replaced. There are more that need doing but that can wait until we are in the new house and I have had the underbody blasted and painted, 


discussion here:


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Rear screen is out and it’s good news, no significant rust, just a bunch of scale, it’s being cleaned up now (and any Pinholes being sorted) and then the roof can be painted and the screen refitted. 






Hanging out to have this home again so I can work on it. 

In other news The car sounds like it has a collapsed lifter, so today I ordered a comp cam/lifter/double row timing chain/valve spring kit from Summit racing. I hadn’t planned on it but if I was going to go to the effort of replacing lifters I may as well upgrade stuff. 

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Gotta love it when the fedex man arrives. 
Just received this from Summit racing, ordered Wednesday the 12th, delivered to NZ on Monday the 17th. Can’t complain at that. 
Panelbeaters says I should have the car back Friday. Then it’s all go! 
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Because Cletus reckons drum brakes are lame. I bought some VJ valiant disc brakes, different stud pattern (5x4.5 instead of the 5x4 the vehicle currently has) but hoping I can make Something work from them, 


 got 4x callipers, 2 Aussie A body Disc brake spindles, upper an lower control arms, torsion bars and steering linkages. 

Really only wanted the spindles and 2 callipers, but for $350 (including shipping from Dunedin to Auckland) I couldn’t complain, once I’ve used what I need, I’ll stash the rest for a rainy day. 

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Started to pull the VJ valiant brakes apart, 

looks like they should bolt straight in, 

lower ball joints are different in the steering arm between the Plymouth and valiant but the bolt pattern is spot on 


Upper ball joints look all good too, I’ve decided that When I get new rotors I’ll get them redrilled to siut the SBP (5x4) so i can keep the 14” steelies (as long as they fit over the brakes) 

i gave the car a clean and decided to sit the eagers by it, 


gives a rough idea of the look I’m going for

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So I knocked the studs out of the front rotor and assembled the brake calliper, went to throw the wheel on but unfortunately the centre bore is too small so while it looked like it would clear I’ll never know, I guess I’m on the the lookout for a cheap set of valiant 14” rims 


although I’ve spotted a set of 14x7 hotwires on trademe for 420, only problem being is that they are in Southland, 

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Long time no yarns, 

haven’t had much chance to work on this as leading up to Xmas I was working on the family caravan so we could go away in it. 

Managed to get stuck into it today, started removing parts so I can remove the motor, trans, fuel tank and rear end so that I can continue the process of stripping the underbody so I can have it inspected by a repair certifier before I take it for compliance 

had to take on some extra help pulling it apart 




it seems that the previous owner in the US of A had spent a bit of money to get this back up and running reliably it’s got a rebuilt Carter carb, Pertronix Ignition, with a flamethrower coil, new AC pump and hoses (although it had a bunch of leaks so it had already de-gassed itself) 






am going to build a cradle so I can drop the engine and trans out of the bottom of the car as one, 

Will continue the updates over the next couple of days 


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