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got the re face lift dash support out of the parts car and the face lift one welded back in.....first time ive ever done it....this was the worst part...think the one going in my car will be easier.

can start puting the parts car back together with all the shit i dont want/need and sell it on.





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well thats both tubs all done now and what i thought would be a major ticked off the list.


and also under the advise from the oldschool GC brain trust...i finally got around to adding 2 small mounts to the rear of the gearbox mount for support.


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so for day 2 and 3 of the lock down ive been playing with fitting the pre-facelift dash
to be 100% honest i was starting to wish i had never taken the old dash out...
i had made the heater box,moved the wiper motor to a position under the dash and made the power steering column all for the face lift dash (way more room) and it was doing my head in thinking i might have to make it all from scratch again.
but its almost all done now and i love it....still got to take it apart again to weld up and add 2 brackets to top dash panel support.......but you would never know its not in factory position.

so i started having to remove the 2 brackets from the dash panel top support..clean it up , wire wheel the rust,metel prep and the POR15.







then i had to get the dash panel ready


but when i went to bolt the top support on (wanted to bolt it all up and then put it in the car) i noticed that one side was way out (last week i found it on the floor so at some point it must have fallen off the shelf and bashed 1 end around)

the good end



the bad endda9.jpg.802abbde5c2a18bb585489c46f4a92bf.jpg



so once i straightened the best i could..i added a rivnut each side to add 1 more bolt each side for support.




now the base of the dash panel bolts up to a bracket where the kick panel sits on the side...the brackets are old and rusty and i lost one of them i cleaned up what i had and made new brackets ..bolted them on before it went back in the car.




i put the wiper motor back in so when i put the dash back i can see if its going to clear everything.


i had to bolt the center console in as the gearbox tunnel has been modified and shifter hole move back a i bolted that in place then mounted the read handbrake section ..

then tacked the top of the dash support around the window edge in..and pulled the bottom of the dash out to meet the center it all looks factory.



next i had to mount the pedal box and brace so that i could mount the power steering column (talk about that a wee bit down the page.) i can start sorting the screen vents(only have demisters no other heating...)


drivers side vent went in pretty easy and should work well.



passenger side....not so much (didnt think it would with the heater box in there aswell.).so i had to cut it up and swap it around and move it out a bit.(glued and seam sealed as well)






once the world get back to normal ill be able to get some duction and try them out.

next electric power steering...honestly thought i was going to have to cut the dash panel for this.but its a bloody good fit...the motor is hidden...the column sits in the factory cortina hasd recess ...and even the controller can bolt back in factory spot





then i fitted the gauges to check clearance   and glove  box  to check that side.....(the glove box does shut but i had to remove the inner..i did think that would be the case .but im just going to have access to ecu , wideband and water pump controller behind it.



im very happy with it and big job ticked off the list..

i just need to take it all apart and finish welding it up and make to support brackets .




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Fixed the few bits of rust in the boot ..straightened the are the boot lock bolts to..straightened the boot rubber lip and aligned the boot itself...
Degresed the boot...metal prepped and coated in POR15..
While aligning the boot I found that strip between the bottom of the window and the top of the boot isn't very once the world goes back to normal I'll have to find one....( cant get rust repair panels for that) so will have to come off another shell





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