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Kimjon's Somali Battle Wagon

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I got this off trademe, it has possibly the worst welding I've ever seen...but with minimal effort myself and mate of mine got it going last night.

My mate reckons it looks like something out of a war torn African province, just gotta add a few machine guns and a flag! Hence the nickname.

Now anything that goes is a rarity in my life...so this bad boy is fast becoming a favorite.


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10 hours ago, NickJ said:

Is that pieced together from a quad? 

Yes, kind of. A little bit of everything, but some quad steering components were used. Its quite big at 1.5m wide and 2.5m long. Has a DR200 motor, so unfortunately no reverse gear.

In that clip I'm being a pussy, as I ripped the shit out of my lawn doing donuts...so I'm trying more challenging grades to test its limits. Those hills are steeper than they look.

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