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Cletus' 68 Plymouth Valiant


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I had a decent look under the car and found a few bits I wasn't happy with, sent autoblast an email about it, no response.

So I'll tell everyone to avoid them.  Heres why

1. It took a week longer which, to be fair I agreed to and I could have lived with, if it was a good job. I had to chase them, they didnt contact me. This was after giving them at least 6 weeks notice when booking it in

2. The overspray issues, they painted the black parts then primed the engine bay so there was primer misted all over the black especially at the front . This cost $225+gst to repaint at the painters 

3. The ripped hoodlining,  I dunno how this happened,  air got under it? It's an old car and probably got fragile stitching but they must have some issue with their process if parts inside the car get wrecked  

4. Thin spots in the paint you can see steel through, parts which are not painted very well or at all, and poor masking. All shows a lack of care or thinking about the job properly 


So all that cost $2800. I could have got it done for half that at a less reputable place , for the same result, ie me having to finish it better myself 









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