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Picked these up today


Picking these up Monday


And potentially a second wagon, will build up both and sell one to try and cover some of the cost of the builds.

Started planning the chassis and seat, hoping to have one completed for the Nostalgia Drags here in Perth this April


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Picked up the rims now and starting to plan out just how crazy I want to get with the chassis. Pinning over Ali drop beam frontends but we will see. 

Second wagon pan rocking up soon too just to double my work load

She just wants me to hurry up and fix her wagon



Plans for the seat


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My life is spiralling out of control...

So, ended up with 4 wagons, three sets of tyres and one set of rims so far.

I have cleaned one wagon up and sold it for triple what I paid so that will contribute to the steel purchase.
Will likely try and sell another wagon and one of the sets of tyres to contribute to another set of rims and hubs.

Catching up with a mate who has a kart tyre bead breaker next weekend and chassis building will start the following weekend if all goes to plan.


Still aiming to be ready for the Nostalgia Drags here in Perth this April

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