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Tortrons's 1981 Mitsi L200 Clubsport

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Heading out of summer now and I can't put up with water running down the loom into the fuse box any more. Running the loom through the fresh air vent and firewall is possibly the dumbest thing possible, it would have been less work to just cut the body loom hole bigger or even better run it under the guard. But I digress.

Removed pretty much all the useless wires a few weeks back. This left me with only 10 or so to depin and feed back into the cab. Pretty easy

Opted to cut and rejoin the main power feed as it split off into a lot of places.

That left me with a roughly circular hole

So I cut a roughly circular patch of 2mm sheet and welded it in

And then painted inside and out

Then fed the loom back into the bay with the rest of the wires. Taped most of it back up out of the way

Not going to put much effort into this loom as I'm going to pull the while lot out and do it properly. Just enough to keep my sanity and not burn the truck down

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Cool enough to stand to be in overalls today


This is rusty


It's got crappy weld new panels in over rust repairs

So I cut it out


Unstitched all the welds and cut out the spotwelds. Was just going to cut out the corner edge and replace that, but realised I didn't really want to spend the time to stitch a long strip into a big flat panel. Also the panel being a wheelwell in a wellside is full of small dings. Also it's pretty thin steel. Decided it would be best to make a new one out of 2mm sheet. Pretty quick, hardest part was getting enough leverage on my bender as I'm yet to make a proper handle.



New one 



Sits in place without any help which is usually a good sign.

Now to do everything else. At least it's no #Saab


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All stitched up and plugged together. Finding a few small pinholes, some previously tacked closed, and a few old patches. Explains some of the slight fettling required to get everything to fit flat to each other. But that's ok.

Attached some of the wheel well enforcement's. Decided to drill some drain holes in them all. This will let me fill it with paint and chassis wax later. Also some in the smaller sections for the same reason and also to access the inside of the tie down bars. Need to pick up a few meters of 1" tube to replace the two rear ones (rusted out where they meet the wheel well, caused by those supports) have decided to keep them as they won't be in the way of my future plans. So will need to punch a hole in my new rear patch and weld the pipe before the re-enforcement can go back on.


Nice and ridged again.

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Does anyone have a not fucked cab?

Maybe some common sense and a number for a scrap collector?









At least itl be quick to cut out that patch and get access to the inside there.

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Yeah not sure what's going on here


apprentice was let loose with the gas axe in here somehow.

Guessing the sills were replaced at some stage. I think that strip of steel at the bottom is the remains of the original sill. For some reason the new one has a line of rivets.

New every thing I guess


Already done the front a while ago


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Picked some scabs on the passenger side. Didn't want to, but there was an obvious hole in the cab mount. Then I wondered about the sill, I have another so may as well check it out



hole at front of sill I knew about/forgot about from when I did the firewall and inner guard repairs many Easters ago.


This side has had its sill replaced too. And that means the old one is still there, it's just been half cut out, the edges hammered in, a replacement riveted on top, and then several layers of bog on, between, and under them.

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