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gettinroundtuits 1980 ford escort

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 Here it is, latest addition-owned it a week, the most money i've EVER spent buying a car. Why? cos i'm an idiot & was looking for something old school & tidy that didn't need rebuilt......... & the avenger's getting tattier AND I STILL CAN'T FIND THE BLOODY CRANK WE NEED FOR IT'S NEW MOTOR!!!!!!!



Crap picture, take more tomorrow- the others are too big to upload. 


Anyway, it's the budget model- 1300 automatic, it's straight outside & really tidy inside, now the tyres have been pumped up it's a little less pathetic to steer.


That about covers the good bits (cept the auto bit)


The work that needs doing; sort engine over heating


                                            had a new w.o.f when i got it - tail lights dont work!


                                            service the autobox- oils black & sluggish gear changes


                                            surely theres more power in there somewhere, it'll crack 100kph JUST!!!!. can't see it handling a club run                                             in the country yet


                                            looks like exhaust needs a bit of sorting too


Theres no plans to modify it much at all ( unless i can't live with the slushbox then i'll get a manual  for it). Theres been some talk of engine swops, but the avenger's gunna supply the horsepower fix & handling wise it's the better car of the 2






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Tonight's job, rip out seats & added some underfelt to help deaden the noise- 








Only have to do the back half, look at redoing the front half if/when i get new carpets for it.

Should make it quieter for the Chatto creek run


Floors are pretty good overall, but i've found a few daggy bits that'll need attending to soon

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 The 'apprentice' changing the thermostat- & forgetting the 1st thing i told her- tie the hair back!!! ( she thinks she's fixing her dream  car i will sell to her when she finds a job )



still runs a little warmer than i like, found out swaybar bushes get tired & the bar moves sideways letting a wheel move back, might look for some collars to lock it in place, & new bushes



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