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fletch's 1970 datsun cedric super six

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  • 2 weeks later...

couple of interior pics.


original as. aftermarket 70's tacho kind of ruins the mint dash, but sweet 8 track player makes and selection of terrible 80's tapes makes up for it!







engine bay looks like every other cedric




it was sunny last weekend so went for a cruise



needs the front right brakes adjusted and thats about it

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Been on a few weekend burns and i noticed it was loosing water. One of the heater hoses was leaking in the engine bay. gave it a squeeze and it disintegrated in my hands.

I pulled it off and decided the top radiator hose was also on the verge of failure. next thing i know, all the hoses are out, the dash is half out, the heater is out etc etc


not 1 of these 45 year old hoses is stocked by anybody so i took a selection from supercheap and repco to try.

So far i have fitted 2 hoses. only 7 or 8 to go.







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  • 3 months later...

FIxed all the hoses, including pulling the dash out to get at the heater box.


Been driving it around a bit and discovered a small leak out of the bottom radiator outlet. Took it out and tried to swap in a 330 series 260c item, but its too tall.


Today i took the radiator to some old barrys at the radiator shop in town. They knew who made the core and where to get one before even finding out what the radiator was out of!


So thats getting recored.


Also, the brakes are fucking stupid. One day a long time ago, datsun decided to put disc brakes on their flagship cedric. They looked around and saw these calipers on cars such as ferraris, jensens, jags etc. All mid 60's sports cars. 

They thought that they would be a great choice. 


They were wrong.


Took me a week to locate a caliper kit and some pads.


Also, new semi sealed headlights. Tried many types of lamps until i found some that fitted the car correctly. A little flat on the lense, but they will be sweet. However they are the most expensive. FML



Long story short $$$$$


hope to have it going for nats.

pics then

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some pics


ended up going with hella semi sealed. not that cheap but best fit by far.








also whipped out the drivers seat as its a bit saggy like your nanas you know whats

fuck its heavy

also, broken springs x 3



being the slender human that i am has probably not helped

I think ill just put some plywood in there and a piece of foam on top



Radiator back next week, got the kit for the brakes and some new pads as the current ones have swelled up and are jamming in the stupid english design caliper.


maybe a little makita action on the front coils? the back is a bit soft so im cautious about trying to do too much there. maybe a small block.


nats is only a few shed nights away for me. what could possibly go wrong

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  • 6 months later...

Bit of maintenance post Nats. Things happen slowly round here.

Hmm strange bonding rivets on this shoe.


No wait, just screws.


Thought it was about time I fixed the shoes up. Got me home from Nats via the wangamomonas plus done a couple thousand kms like this no worries.

Bought a 4 speed column box the other day a day have located a 3.9 diff so should be top spec luxury cruising in no time.

So next year basically.

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  • 1 year later...

Did some things.

Swapped diff housings to a spare one and rebuilt a 3.9 head to drop the rpms a bit on the highway.

Also a little off the height. Hopefully finished this weekend, but only get a couple nights a week in the shed



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got a 330 diff, got a 3.9 head out of a r31, threw it together with some bearings and seals and thought i would just chuck it in bro.

well, it would appear that the 130 cedric, being the first if the nissan/datsun combo, has metric motor and box, imperial everything else. 

so now i have a 330 diff, with 130 brake cylinders. and 12mm studs on the back wheels, 1/2 inch on the front.

I was going to run the 330 slave cylinders, with an imperial to metric hose, but they were only 3/4 cylinders vs the 1 inch of the 130 and since nobody has ever said, 'you know what?, i think i need less brakes on my datsun' so i had to swap the cylinders and lines. This was made harder by the fact that some old vice grip wielding barry has previously attempted to pull the fitting out of the cylinders and now they are round....

Next up, springs and blocks. easy. Except i fucked up bit and ordered the wrong rear shocks so i had to run these impressive specimens i found in a box of parts. they will do for now...


I then decided that i had 3 weeks until my chch/hanmer roadtrip, so i would chuck in a 4 speed column change box to go with the 3.9 diff. How hard could it be right?


Well the sneaky fuckers changed the style of gearboxes after the 130. the driveshaft was flanged at both ends.


and it was longer..


no problem, @- i5oogt - found me one that he had been aging in a paddock for a while.

except the rear half was too short so it wouldn't fit the hanger



and the hanger was way different.

no problem, i can fix that



The box being longer hit the roof of the tunnel so i made that fit too, but i didn't take any pics as you dont need to see that

The the fucking linkage didnt have enough travel as it was only for a 3 speed.

Lucky i have some spare parts



I had to mod one of the levers to make it have more throw. I found a welding rod in a puddle and dried it out a bit and it did the trick.

Photo taken in potato mode so you cant see the quality





bonus pic of custom racing shocks


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