Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

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Football season is over and the sun is out.......it's paint stripping time!
Shiny straight steel and only two spots of rust that'll need cut out behind both rear wheels.



So far so good. In other news, I managed to get some old rego history down at my local Toyota and managed to track down a previous owner via Facebook.
He was a bit of a rascal back in the day and had quite a big tab with LTNZ shall we say. Here's what it used to look like.....


He warned me not to bare metal it as he had put a bit of bog into the roof, but I figured I have a spare if it's real bad and I'd rather get any old bog out incase it's on the bare metal. Should hopefully finish off the big panels tomorrow and line up a sandblaster during the week.

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Another good day.
Finished stripping the larger flat areas, just need to remove a few bits and bobs and get the rest blasted. A few dents and the odd pinhole but pretty dang tidy!
Stripped the boot lid.......like my other one, two big holes, but in different places so between the two I should have a good one.


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Ok, so it took 4 months, but I finally got some time in the shed again over the last week.
Between three kids and business being really busy.......and a stupid set of bunks I refurbished instead of buying new ones (such a time suck!)IMG_5520.JPG.de1827fc6d4455e2ec43cfe90672c33f.JPG

.....I finally got there and stripped out the doors and only found the slightest rust and the lock holes smoothed over. Will take these back to metal soon.


A mate is a diesel mechanic and was doing some odd jobs at the workshop and helped me out with a few things.

Rear bearings pressed
Front hubs bearings replaced and new discs fitted
Rear callipers completely pulled apart (and then painted along with a few other bits)
Diff housing seals fitted and cleaned up ready to be assembled



So now all 4 callipers are ready to be fully assembled (again - minus shit paint), along with the diff and the entire front subframe - all ready to go in the car once the shell is at the panel shop. I just need a half day to pull the last few things out of the shell to get it blasted and then it's off to the panel beater for some major progress.


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