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SR2’s 1947 Vauxhall “Rigamortice” Build Thread


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Rigamortice’s original gearshift boot was looking a little worse for wear.




Thought I’d brave the local Pick-a-part to find a suitable boot.  I couldn’t believe it when I discovered the whole place was filled up with bloody automatics!

All I could find was this plastic monstrosity.





Someone donated a cool “new old stock” MGA boot…..I think it’s my current favourite.





Any comments or suggestions appreciated.



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Some pictures of the under car hand brake assembly.

 The piece of bailing wire is holding one end of the return spring – I’ll make up something a little more elegant in the future.













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Thought I’d revisit the gearbox mount for a change of scenery. Big thanks to Oldschool member ‘Big Harry’ for pointing out there was a difference in the Toyota cross members used with W40 and W50 boxes, the collective depth of information in this forum rocks!


Problem is my dummy engine block/trans used a W40 and I was planning on running a W50…bugger!


After considerable measuring, head scratching and a few Wild Turkeys I figured out there was only 10 mm difference but the extra gear in the W50 meant the cross member I’d made would not clear the gearbox.





As much as I hate hacking into something I thought was finished you sometimes need to grit your teeth and fire up the angle grinder to make it work.







Added some gussets and repainted – sorry I didn’t take more photos.





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