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SR2’s 1947 Vauxhall “Rigamortice” Build Thread


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Mocked the whole thing up again with the dummy mtr. /box and it was obvious  we had a “fidn’t dit” scenario with the gearbox and the cross-member.








My late 1970’s solution was a little rough to say the least. (Please be cognisant that this is some 40 plus years later).




Quoting earlier in this thread …

“I found a W40 Steel case 4 speed Celica box (very sexy in its day) and modified the Holden bell housing to accept it, problem was the main cross member sat where the new gearbox needed to be. I jacked the old girl up, put her on axel stands to keep the chassis straight, pulled the front seats out and cut the whole floor out from the B pillar to the fire wall to expose the chassis. I welded in a piece of 4” RHS to form a new cross member, cut a section out of the original cross member to accommodate the new box and extended the original inside chassis rails. A new floor made from 16 gauge Zintex was welded in and a pair of Triumph 2000 front seats were fitted"





Yes it was butt ugly but hey, in its defence it did work.

 I know this is supposed to be a restoration but Rigamortice and I have decided a few tweaks are acceptable.



Tack welded in some temporary stiffening braces……




… And fired up the angle grinder










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Had a bit of a crawl around under the old girl.

No issues with rust in the floor pan above the diff, good old Pommy “self-lubrication”!





I did however spot some rust where the body is bolted to the chassis, the black shiny stuff is under seal  from some years back.



I can’t complain, this is the first time the body’s been off the chassis in 70 plus years. Looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and flip the body on to its side.

First job is to remove the gas tank…..lots of baked on crud.



Couldn’t believe the gas tank was only held in with tech screws! I suppose in 1947 after WW2 all fittings and hardware were at a premium.


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