SR2’s 1947 Vauxhall “Rigamortice” Build Thread

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The next twenty plus years flew past quickly; I was busy with my job.

Busy teaching someone to ride, (check out the 3 story tree hut in the background!)….




Busy building and co-driving race cars….




And busy playing music with these two wonderful degenerates…….!






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Once the mess was cleared up I was left feeling slightly shell-shocked/hung over with possibly the world’s largest pile of J14 Vauxhall “bits” strewn the back yard.

First step was to purchase 20 liters of Supersol (cold parts cleaner & decarboniser) and 10 liters of Tergophos  (phosphoric acid for rust removal) and set up a couple of 50 litre “pickle baths”.

Thought I’d start with the front end; it came apart easily.




The smaller parts went into the pickle baths for cleaning, rust removal, inspection and a coat of etch primer followed with marine enamel.

I was worried re the condition of the cross member so I sent it to Kwik Strip in Avondale for the full treatment. On its return I could see some rust in the left chassis mount and decided I’d re-plate the bottom which had been used as a jacking point for many years. (This would give me the chance to see the condition of the inside of the cross member and rust proof as needed).






I made some extra gussets up for the rack mount just to be safe.




Then I started on the Chassis mount.









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Not much to report; spent the evening cleaning, wire brushing and painting car parts.



I couldn't help but notice how  guitar amps  enhance a man-cave..... (Thanks, Marty).





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Still stripping rust and painting car parts but have managed to pounce on a few good bargains to feed my compulsive Trademe addiction, (as with the best of my addictions, it’s never satisfied).


Found a Steel case W50 5 speed and snapped it up for $150 (Rigamortice will love the extra gear).




A quick visit to Zebra parts Manakau found a Triumph 2000 Steering Column for $24, the original one had dry worn out “unobtanium” bearings and was getting a little manky.  (For all you “Trumphy” exponents out there Zebra have two cars in stock).




Talk about on a roll; picked up a complete HD rear end for $50, (I suspect the old girl has a bent axle and possible bent flange from the accident).




(The megaphone gets the occasional “recreational” use with the beautiful Mrs sr2 but its normal application is deadly serious!).


(Sometimes playing in a Pink Floyd tribute show has a lot to answer for!).



Buy of the month had to be a set of these bad boys. The world’s coolest 14 x 7 old school Cheviot mags that still even have the original centres, all for only $100!








Plan is to get Bruger Engineering to give them the once over for alignment, do a little dye penetrant crack testing, (boring safety stuff), do a little media blasting and then apply a lick of matt black Paint.  (Very flash stuff and a big step up from rusty old HQ rims for my dear old Rigamortice).


The only problem is the cheviot’s are not hubcentric, i.e. they rely solely on the studs for wheel concentricity. Question is; after 20 years of refusing to have non hubcentric wheels near any race car I’ve been responsible for do I swallow my pride, say the rules do not apply to street cars and bolt them on to the old girl?


Any opinions will be gratefully accepted and deliberated on by both Rigamortice and myself.

(Please feel free to visit and contribute to our project discussion thread- // )



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Just covered the finished front end in shrink-wrap for storage until needed………




I know I should be working on the rear end but Rigamortice and I couldn’t resist a little play with our new (i.e. old) triple pack of DCOE Webers!

(I will point out at this point that I’m in the dogbox with the lovely Mrs sr2 after she overheard me explaining to an old mate that triple DCOE’s were quite possibly better than sex!).

Closer examination of the original 28/36 DCD and the Kel-co manifold revealed the huge amount of work I’d done (all by hand, no air tools in those days) matching ports with the then already modified yella-terra head………..




Easy to see the difference when you line up both setups…..




I’ve made the call that despite Rigamortice having fallen in love with her new totally impractical induction system we’ll initially refurbish and run the DCD system until we have run in the new yet to be rebuilt motor and have attached both registration and dodgy WOF stickers to the old girls non safety glass windscreen.

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