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SR2’s 1947 Vauxhall “Rigamortice” Build Thread


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The next twenty plus years flew past quickly; I was busy with my job.

Busy teaching someone to ride, (check out the 3 story tree hut in the background!)….




Busy building and co-driving race cars….




And busy playing music with these two wonderful degenerates…….! 







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Once the mess was cleared up I was left feeling slightly shell-shocked/hung over with possibly the world’s largest pile of J14 Vauxhall “bits” strewn the back yard.

First step was to purchase 20 liters of Supersol (cold parts cleaner & decarboniser) and 10 liters of Tergophos  (phosphoric acid for rust removal) and set up a couple of 50 litre “pickle baths”.

Thought I’d start with the front end; it came apart easily.




The smaller parts went into the pickle baths for cleaning, rust removal, inspection and a coat of etch primer followed with marine enamel.

I was worried re the condition of the cross member so I sent it to Kwik Strip in Avondale for the full treatment. On its return I could see some rust in the left chassis mount and decided I’d re-plate the bottom which had been used as a jacking point for many years. (This would give me the chance to see the condition of the inside of the cross member and rust proof as needed).






I made some extra gussets up for the rack mount just to be safe.




Then I started on the Chassis mount.









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