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SR2’s 1947 Vauxhall “Rigamortice” Build Thread


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Rigamortice’s original gearshift boot was looking a little worse for wear.




Thought I’d brave the local Pick-a-part to find a suitable boot.  I couldn’t believe it when I discovered the whole place was filled up with bloody automatics!

All I could find was this plastic monstrosity.





Someone donated a cool “new old stock” MGA boot…..I think it’s my current favourite.





Any comments or suggestions appreciated.



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Time to sort out the hand brake linkage.

It’s a big under the dash ratchetty thing that looks like it came from a 1920’s Allis Chambers bulldozer.





The original Bowden cable was extremely gunked up so I taped a funnel to one end and started flushing it with kerosene.











The amount of sludge that came out was very impressive………





It had a grease nipple in the middle (as they did in those days) so I pumped it full of grease.





Found a fire-wall grommet that sort of worked and re-fitted the cable.



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