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HKM400's 1969 Lotus 7 Series 3


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Have rediscovered a bit of love for this the past few weeks. It's odd revisiting your previous work, I guess I was in a rush to get it running but there have always been numerous untidy things that have annoyed me about the car, so it's quite nice to make some improvement.

The main source of annoyance was the wiring and the way it was run/cable tied all over the place, so I recovered the whole loom and rerouted most of it. This turned out to be a good move as there is still a lot of oil coating everything after the filter explosion disaster. The cable routing is better, will never be perfect but it is a lot more tidy.



And after


I also decided to follow some good advice from the discussion thread and got a Davies Craig EWP and controller. It may be slightly overkill for this application but I will be happy if the car runs at a reasonable temperature and I can eliminate the mechanical pump - this will probably require some fabrication as you cannot remove the impeller from the factory pump but I think I can get that sorted. 

Also wired the controller up and made a hinged bracket so the display can be folded up under the dash. Simple but does the job.






Sensors aren't plugged in obviously, as I have no cylinder head. Will tidy the rest of the wiring once the pump and radiator are back in. 

Have been saving up for a new cylinder head, will probably source one from the UK. Going to be an expensive day but likely cheaper than buying a second hand head here then having it crack tested and built up etc. 

Time for a beer one thinks....



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Some nice things arrived before everything turned to custard

The water passage looks like a shocked face :O 



Repco is also delivering at the moment - I ordered a gasket set with the cylinder head but it was a bit bent and some of the sealing material had come away, so ordered another head gasket locally. 

Also painted the water pump pulley a stupid colour because why not. 


Fitting tomorrow - what's the opinion on copper gasket spray on head gaskets? New one is a generic permaseal.





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Back in April I tried to fit the new head, only to find the dowel sizes from the original head and the new head were different. The head went back on the shelf at this point.

Last week I got the head milled so the block and head had the same diameter dowel holes, and made up some new dowels. New gasket in, then bolted it up yesterday, rockers back in, clearances all set etc. 


A workmate also managed to press the impeller out of the water pump and blank off the end, so now I can run electric water pump only, no thermostat and the controller can take care of everything for me. Need to get a very short alternator drive belt now.



Tidied up some other bits, I stripped the rocker cover back to bare metal finish, repainted the exhaust manifold. Looks a bit better. 

Cowl isn't fitted properly- just sitting on there, the gap isn't that horrendous. 




Made a little bracket to help support the electric pump, got a bit carried away. Generally the rad hoses are enough to support it, but an extra bracket shouldn't hurt. Speed holes because BOM aspirations...



Hopefully the pump will be ok drawing from the bottom hose in this location. The rad hose should allow for some movement as you're not really meant to solid mount these pumps apparently. 

Time to find some hoses that'll fit. So many things I want to redo. A lot of my previous workmanship (or lack of) is starting to show. Trying to do things properly now. 

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