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here is a photo of how i did the carpet 


oh i gave it a bloody clean with some thinners to get all my greasy finger prints off it.

its surprising how much different it looks from 4 and a bit months ago



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flyingbrick was sifting threw my glove box while we were driving around and he found my cigarette thingy i wanted to install  so i could charge my phone so we went to his place and installed it.

drilled a hole in my glove box as i didnt want any of it seen


kinda jammed it in there and made it look right


and then done some wiring......


and made sure it worked 



i now had a red glowing glove box. time to install the rest of the red neons :D

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so i went to get my tyre fixed on Saturday......

got to my mates shop and parked up out side went in said hello and what not waiting my turn to get my tyre fixed and when i went to move it the clutch peedle just went straight to the ground. 

with this happening i thought i had broken my clutch cable so i quickly shot out to vw shoppe and got me a new one. 

ended up changing tyres and waiting the day so i could chuck it up on the hoist get a good look/make my life easier at changing this cable i had thought broken..... 


turns out there was no brake in the cable and as i was putting pressure on the clutch fork it was a bad crunching noise like i was trying to select a gear without using my clutch.

shit started to look like a nightmare of a job so back to the shop it was.

realising it was something with the clutch it was time to get serious and rip this engine out.

here are some photos of how it went

pull the fingers


take some other photos


this is josh a mate who helped me kinda pull it apart.

take a photo of how everthing went


proceed to remove everthing!!!!


and remove car from engine. i say that as we lifted the beetle over and away from the engine 


engine out


problem looks to me here


found some left over parts in the bell housing 


and thats that from me.

bloody lemon.

will probably push it out side wait till i find some money and replace what maybe needs to be replaced but im also keeping an eye out for a twin port engine maybe do some upgrades or what not while the hole thing is apart :( 

wait and see.

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so i rung a mate who owns a beetle as well who used to have a 1800 in his and told him to come give me a hand to pull my engine out and he mentioned he had some parts that may be of use to me since his new engine will be bigger and better and using all new fast parts and what not. 

he flicked me a text at some godly hour this morning going i left some stuff at your back door. half expecting a bloody upholstery job. 

turns out it was all of this 


clutch, fly wheel, thrust bearing, crank pully, air filter, oil cooler and rocker covers with breathers welded into them. amazing!

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shut the shop a bit early tonight and shot out to my mates unlces place.

picked a few peaces up.


and now the fun begins...........

also came with spring plates. big to small wheel adapters x2 (was going to be a trike) and a million other little things....

this was also there but kinda bit hard to get out so i may go back for it at a later date as i was like mmmm i dont even know what thats out of.


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done a little bit of work around here. pulled the bug inside and gave it a clean. was caked in bird shit was crazy!

shot out to the vw shoppe on friday after work and got me a few new peaces.


new wheel bearing for the front. inner and outer.  and a new clutch fork mechanism as mines munched up after the release bearing collapsed 

plan is to jack the hole car up on monday and ream the bushes again in the front cause it so stiff!!! while mitchfromhillcrest is doing that il play on this tools and hopefully notch my spring plates a little but so no more bottoming out. once thats done assemble all the front and put these other spring plates in.

i also cleaned the engine and engine bay. used a little bit of degreaser...... (6 cans later) 


i also painted the engine bay compartment, before and after


and now im looking for information on raising the engine an inch. try help out with not as much camber. 

also trying to find some one to buy my link front end with the adjusters in it so i can buy a narrowed one. i had no lock with 4 people in it the other day......

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bit of an update

got my flywheel cleaned up and skimmed


thanks to mate matt at waikato clutch and brakes (fully recommend the dudes there)

put that on


dont worry we done it super tight with a socket and a long bar.

installed my new arm and put the new thrust bearing on.


cleaned out old spring from last thrust bearing shitting itself (in the starter motor)


made a clutch aligning tool and put all that together (tape and some 10mm stainless rod i had at the shop)


put some new spark plugs in :) and then put it in


and thats that for now. hope to have it running tonight and then il pull the front beam out.

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and this is why the bearing shat itself.........


cable to short... had pressure on the bearing 24/7 

never had hope for it from word go.

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what a cracker of a night we had on friday.

started with sorting out the clutch cable and peddles and that jaz

painted all the covers in some black. made them look all pretty again.


pulled some more of the engine apart cause we got excited and put other parts on 1st.....

partner said she hated how far forward the gear lever was so i gave that a bend.


then assembled everything and took a few more photos

and BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i was missing the fan belt so shot out to see my mates at the vw shoppe and got a belt and while i was there i spotted a short shift kit.


this thing is amazing. like mind = blown, thing shifts with the flick of the wrist. partner should be able to 
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i found some left over parts from putting the engine back together 


but i also got busy on the front end tonight getting it removed and ready for the new front


got covered in petrol removing this bloody thing!!!!


big empty holes and missing peaces 




started stripping it all down and then realized it was mainly covered in grease so il leave that till new beam arrives to install.

got word it should be here next Tuesday. so maybe next week some time. he also said he may have some longer drop arms for the rear laying around some where he said he will try dig up and find for me.

now that the fronts all apart il do the king pins again. 

cause i love doing everything twice.......

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bit of an update for people who dont read my chit chat thread

brought a empi 2 inch narrowed beam


they only come left hand drive for other people looking at buying one.

so cut and weld some parts to where they should be



cause its 2 inches narrower you have to cut the torsion rods down and re drill them. so i did that

tape works out good for measurement been 24mm wide plus cutting disk and helps holding them together so they dont drop all over the place as you cut them


got the most of the beam in last night got it to about this stage


lost a few things on the way and had to buy some new bolts and washers and ball joints so i shot out 1st thing this morning and got these



new fuel line


and i lost one of these so i got 4 new ones. funny bush washers for my link pins to beam thing


my mate also started to cut the centers out of my old rusty rims for my new ones


lets see how productive tonight can be :)

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continuing along with the rims

we tried pressing the centers out but ended up going a bit like this



thanks to mitch from hillcrest bloody legend this dude


i then gave a mate a text see if he was keen to weld them up. he gave me a text back saying il be home in 20. rocked up and about 5 mins latter his brother arrived and done this for me




just another normal arvo in horotui for these guys.

so now im stuck on ideas what to paint the wheels........ 

any suggestion would be great :)

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did i hear some one say air shocks?


and thats all for now. time to fit these little suckers in

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oh look what i did today 


things are slowly coming together 

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i pushed the bug out side today so i could clean out from under it.

took a photo


few final peaces waiting to come and then time to roll for summer!

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