64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

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nothing has happened on this just taken some more photos and been searching the net for parts like a tail gate and window. along with few other random peaces.

oh also im the 3rd owner of this ap5 valiant along with my sedan ap5. this one was brought in Australia and imported with them when they came to NZ. It was then sold 18 years ago to the guy i brought it off who then started to pull it apart about 12 months ago thought it was to much work for him and he brought another valiant and then he needed to sell it. TO ME :)




if any one on here knows of ap5/6/vc safari parts be helpful to know as some hard parts to find. thanks heaps :) 

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so today i did a bit of re arranging in my garage and thought id do some work on this wagon try get the ball rolling.

the goal is to have it on the road by Christmas.  

christmas this year that is!!!!

so 1st things 1st there was this ugly looking frost plug rotting away.


this is the lovely looking frost plug 


so smashed that out to find we couldnt get the measuring tool (cant spell what they are called) in there so went and smacked one out of a engine i have out the back.

getting a mate to sus 3 of them out for me.

then decided to go have a look at the goods i had brought with my 3rd valiant and see what i can use on this beautiful wagon.

IT WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!! had all these things nicely wrapped up like a pot luck or something didnt know what was going to be in there. but we did find all this.


so some things i have to paint but the most of things i wanted for the wagon are painted already :)

so a few extra things i will need to make my car stop and look good.

will start the shopping list on hemiperformance this week see what things are going to cost in aus and compare them to nz.

also will need to steel some things of my green sedan which isnt a big issue as its getting the new engine.

so intake manifold, carburetor and the exhaust will get pinched of that so it will run as i know those parts already work on the sedan.

also this is my garage situation now 


think thats it for now.

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so yea got motivated over the last week and a bit and got some work done on my wagon.

after looking closer at the engine the frost plugs where looking a bit on the sad side so smashed them out and replaced them today.

here are some pictures  

this is the back one 


middle one


and the front one wasnt far from buggered as well


after pulling them out and putting my finger in the moist hole........

i came across these goods floating around in side 


so i gave the engine a good flush out and hopefully i got rid of most of the crap that was floating around the engine.

and now the new frost plugs are in.


think i need to put some grease on them, they are to clean.

also sent a snap chat to some of my mates for a joke, looked like this (sorry older people who dont know what a snap chat is)


found out a guy in nelson slapped a snail on his so il have to ask some more questions about it :)

other than that now time to start steeling parts of my green sedan :) and order all my brake parts

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so i have finally found some time to work on my wagon. self employment is looking pretty good atm :/

knuckled down over the weekend and fixed a few things

pulled my intake and exhaust off this engine i got with the 2nd sedan. my last exhaust was out on last cylinder and was about 10mm to high.... 


tried to separate the two of them with a gas torch 


and this happened to the bolts....


so yea drilled them out pain in the back side!!!

thought id make some exhaust gaskets as well hahaha, jack of all trades master of just one


so at this stage i was like yeah i can go steel the good carby and manifold off my green sedan and just bolt it on and be driving!! 

then i remembered i ground down the flats where the washers get pushed up to suit my extractors so that was a no go :( 


so back with the shitty carb it was then. so thought id better put it all back on the car and realised my last stud was also snapped in there so out with the drill again


got that fixed and bolted it together. turns out i have an exhaust leak between my carb and exhaust for the hot box thing or what not........ il just make a 2nd one and jam that in there make it thicker.

went to clean it at a mates shop cause i got about 20 mins in cleaning one drum and this is the pile of dirt i cam up with.


enough to plant some flowers......

so yea went and got it steam cleaned at minimans work, such a good dude!!



i even had a turn hahaha


my bad.............

also found out my starter motor is stuffed so il go pull that off so i can get that fixed

found a 1/4 window hinge out in the back shed as well so put that in the window that was missing one 



pays to have to many ap5 valiant parts some days :)

also found the perfect spot to read an owners manual


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ahh i also got this photo before heading to minimans work


of course i had tow my wagon with a sedan. this photo makes me so happy

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my mate done some photo shopping and came up with this 


so i have now found my goal to go as low or lower than this picture....... lets see how long itl take to get there....

providing i just opened my own business so give and take a year :'(

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done some work on the wagon over the weekend!!!!
tried pulling the starter motor apart to see what was wrong with it..... yeah broke that more so i went to my work and had a look in the parts selection i have and found 2 starter motors. one looked to be rebuilt already. mini man was over so he jammed that in.
fixed a couple of exhaust leaks while we were working on it. thats that problem solved for now  
replaced the radiator cap
then played with the carburetor for a little bit. ripped the lpg thingy off it cause the top wasn't fastened and mini man said it was shaking like a belly dancer. now thats that sorted as well.
so now it goes!!! and goes easy!!! oh i also replaced the spark plugs the other day.

then i bleed the brakes today and yea that kinda worked i think well other than the left hand side locking up..... i also had a problem getting one of the bleed lose so i jammed a 6 mm socket on it/then couldnt get it out so i went to the back garage to find some spear drums and ripped that out as well

while i was under the back i thought i spotted some dirt coming out of the rear quarter so started hitting the rear guard and now it looks like this?


here is some of the crap that fell out of it



so yup il be buying a welder over this xmas brake.

to do list is go over the brakes again and do something about the rust....
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so yea took the valiant for another drive and done a skid.  

brakes are still dumb so i pulled them apart to find not much of the shoes left on the front so il wait till the local shop is open again go price up so new shoes. 


also got a website for drop spindles from a fellow member so waiting till those shops are open as well so i can find out prices/order some. i dont see the point of pulling this apart to put new shoes to buy the spindles 2-3 months down the track to pull them apart again. 

so i SOAKED!!! everything in WD40 and will continue to do that later today to make sure everything is well and truly soaked and easy to pull apart when i get into it. 

also done some weight reduction and cleaned some dirt out while i was at it.

left side

right side


the wheel bearings looked good so il just jam some new grease in with them when everything gets assembled again.

think thats that for now. 

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so um yeah..... had a closer look at the brake situation tonight


so im currently shopping on ebay for some front and rear cylinders 

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with the last post i realized all my brake stuff was crap so started hunting around and all that jaz and ended up messaging a mate who works for bnt and he said yup we got your front cylinders here and your back ones will be about 40 mins away for the small price of 50 odd bucks for the lot. so yea that was tuesday. 

and earlier i stumbled across a thread on wagon nats, to find out it is 22 days away. so yeah best do some work on the old girl.

ripped the rest of the front brakes off and yea slapped all new parts on and bleed them up.


new cylinders on


new shoes on.

then drove her out side and took a photo


quickly spun her around up the road and drove her back straight into the shed so i can now do the rear brakes tomorrow night.

will put her up off all 4 wheels and adjust the brakes a bit better and give them a good bleed as well.

while doing all this my cap for the brake reservoir decided to drop the guts out of it and fall apart so i went out to the trusty back shed and found another one.


the rubber inside was still soft and looked brand new. the things i keep hahahahaha

list of things to do is kinda huge atm and coming across more every time i work on it so i may make one tomorrow and go from there

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so i did my bake brakes tonight and yea FARK!!!!!!!!! she is so soft!!!!! think i need to adjust the shoes quite a lot more and have a better fiddle with them on sunday.

here are some photos of the new stuff in the back


also got flash and screwed this on

before hand




so i think the other photos have been lost so here is one of when it last had a wof and a little bit of a rust hole again



that is my rear guard.....

i have had a mate say i can use his hoist and he will go over my car see what we can get done so he can pass me a wof/his boss is away for a month.

so need to get all my lights sorted and all that other crap make this thing legit!!!!!  

better fix these brakes on sunday or im going to be one un happy camper.

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ah snap!

just brought these of Mr.Mk1 (Josh)


my container gets moved tomorrow. (garage) and the wagon will arrive at the shop this weekend so work will continue on this!!

Flyingbrick has lent me his welder so let the games begin! 

ps any mods on here able to help/point me in editing my earlier post and loading better url photos up for the viewers or nup? no problem if not.

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so i finally gave in and gave my mums shed back to her. mainly so i could start working on my wagon. 

last time i started it i was driving it around the block no problems.

this time it was farting around missing and been a right prick!!!!    (i think someone played with my spark plug leads!)

but yeah proceeded to drive it towards my work shop which is only 2 kms up the road max and had nothing but huge back fires and all the rest. mum ended up towing me the rest of the way. 

i also went to horopito motors a few weeks back and done some valiant shopping. came back with a rear window!!! :) 

pretty sure i was paying per moss patch.


and this is what the shop looks like now



while im here. yeah vw doesnt go either since wheel bearing sounds like its shat the bed and the green sedan likes to jump out of 3rd gear i have no old cars going :( bloody cars!!!!

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nothing new here just a photo of a valiant in a container 


i have got myself a welder now so i may start playing around with this turd and try get a wof on it now that the vw is going.

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