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1979 Bay Camper of love..

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So I actually have 1/3 of another car.. its split between me and my two sisters, a hand me down mid life crisis sort of kombi from my old man.

    At the time (2003ish) I wanted nothing to do with it and carelessly discarded my part ownership, but lately I've developed a soft spot for it, more to do with the fact that it soldiered on for the last 10 years without being looked after in any real way, especially by my vehicularly abusive elder sister, sideswiping clutch riding caner b@*#h.. Her last outing ( a 1200km round trip to golden bay normally done with ease) resulted in the development of severe blow by causing huge oil loss from every orifice imaginable. My last outing in it resulted in 4-5 liters of oil being lost on a trip to kaiks easter 2012, it was then I came to the blatantly obvious conclusion something was wrong.. fuck it, they can deal with the piece of shit.. but no, I couldn't help myself...


the only pic I have at the moment






then this came up on the tard last week..






Which i promptly bought, I decided that it had sat long enough and if I didn't get the ball rolling it would sit till it became to much for an easy wof.


So, she's a 1979 bay kombi camper obviously, has a mighty AS code 1600 twin port single carb will cruise easily at 120.. the donor engine is for a beetle Doh! should've checked before buying. A little more research finds that is an AD code twin port (73-79), identical to the AS I have except its for, yes , a beetle. The main difference is rear engine mounting points or lack of on the AD code




Spot the difference.. either side of the square oil pump cover,








luckily there is a fix for it in the form of this adapter





This afternoon I started to get nervous even tho the guy I bought it off said it was a good runner with no leaks, at some point the pushrod tubes on one side have been dented but the rods themselves are ok. Did a comp test and came back with 







A small amount of variation (max 28 from fsm) but it was cold with f all oil pressure and not been run for god knows how long, I expect it to be better at temp so my fears are allayed for now. For 400 bucks I didn't think I could go wrong.. yes, I can get a bore and piston replacement kit for 450 but this should just be bolt in..   famous last words....

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Annoyingly, whoever the fuckwit was that hired the car transporter yesterday morning, decided not to bring it back when they were required to so consequently I was cut off. Reeeeally annoying considering how much would be done in the next 4 weeks.. *sigh

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Spent a couple of hours this morning stripping the interior out so as to make it easier for Chris to do his magic.. 




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Pic dump..... 


Window seals have been leaking pretty much everywhere, 




Although I think this bit of rust is front the vent.. 



I think this floor has been rusting for a few years before it was parked up, its spent a long time outside in Brighton.


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So much for a quick rebuild.... 


Split the case today,  came apart with little to no effort. 




Didn't take a pic of the bearings, but had definitely had some shit through them. Crank journals are surprisingly ok.. could prob just get away with a polish, but I'm getting a new one anyway. 



Definitely some wear in the tunnel tho, took it in to car aid at lunch time to get it line bored and barrels fitted. 




These aren't the bearing faces by the way



Gonna get spendy real quick. 


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