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1979 cf bedford 'bey thats mean as' van

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Shit be getting done son!

Engine bay finally done what a fuck around, not my best work but its done now and it all unseen stuff so whatever!

Bastard of a front cross member put back together fancy nolathane bushes

Spat some paint on engine bay so all the welds arnt goin to rust.

Put motor back together ready to go in today!!!










Ill do another update tonight with motor in place

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Bought a new radiator today,

Finished side pipe this afternoon, might salami cut the end.




Had a small muck up with one of the water hoses on the intake manifold being in the way of the engine cover,

Checked my spare intake manifold and it had different placement of the hose outlets so ill swap them out.



Still have a few things to do before fire up

: bleed brakes

: install new radiator

: swap out manifold

: make trans mount (have everything for it just have to drill holes)

: make rose joint transmission extension

: finish the small amount of wiring

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Sorry about my photos not working photobuket it shitty, hopefully they come back after time. Trying out iforce hopefully works

Progress finished gearbox, put it back into van, got my wheels back from paint






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pictureless update, dont want to piss off photobucket just yet. 

had sentra dave and ned around today home boys know timing alot better then I. after a small amount of petrol leakage from my crappy attempt at copper fuel lines :s got the motor running FUCK YEH! sounds fantastic, idles nice just a small amount of fine tuning could be done. 

so just need to bleed the brakes and make the engine cover fit snug BOOM van be praying again soon

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Bled brakes last night so took it for a hoon ran pretty good just didn't like taking off in first so it's off the carb tuners this morning and a wheel alignment.

Re bolted my seats 100 mm back for added room. Cut up and re welded engine cover for snug fit around motor added with foam tape.

Tequila bottle wind screen wiper bottle. Hanger bearing mounted wth 3mm steel plate. Original Air filter re attached to carb with silicone joiner to keep with original Steeze










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One thing I wasn't happy with about the van is the exhauste isn't loud enough! Peter and Stephen reckon they couldn't hardly hear it. What would make this louder? It's currently just running one hotdog and 2" pipe. I have a set of pipe extractors that I wouldn't mind using rather then the cast ones

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