1976 Mazda 121 MaT Resurection

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*Edit.. not sure why the small pics


Couple of pics from my frantic morning.. took they day off work specifically to work on this, started at about 745 and drove out to blackwells to get the confirmation letter then to ltsa then back to autolign and home by 930, finished at about 130 then drove to three different places trying to get headlight adjustment done, literally a two minute job but everyone was "too busy" went to my normal warrant shop and old mate was like sweet as.. they do a lot of classic v8s etc and are generally pretty accommodating.. good cunts


apparent cracked bush.. looks ok to me


th_IMAG0335_zps7ud6jiaf.jpg th_IMAG0336_zpsmhjaxhgk.jpg


not sure why mazda does two different types of bushes, must be a crossover of parts.. old new etc




spending gets a little out of hand when its credit, crept up from $90 to $250 for the rear trailing arms but then the guy at autolign gave them to me for cost since they struggled with the front bushes, so only about $130.. really can't say enough about the service there




this is the result of machining nylon, was all over the grinder and my hands, eat your heart out spider man




all in, had to cut the pin out of the old bushes to fit the nolathanes, all up took me about 2.5hrs including problem solving and driving to get tools etc, but they came up pretty good. If I hadn't decided to do the fronts as well it would have been done a lot earlier.




and finally a shot of me being bored shitless waitng for nearly 2 hours in the line at vtnz, then me mate mike saw me and ushered me to the front. Another good cunt. jipco rd testing station are pretty good I think, never really had any probs there.



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For anyone interested here's the list I made on my phone about 6 weeks out from Hamner which was of course the deadline 



*handbrake cable


*  Upper hose


*Fuel pump

*tank blockage

*clean carb

*bump stops

*Drive shaft

*clutch master/slave seals

*Bleed clutch

*bleed brakes



*Exhaust studs

*leads/points timing

*strut spacers

*Interior panels

*Rear seats

*sort front seats

*bumper irons

*power steering

*boot rust





*Adjust lights

*swap front wheels

*steering idler

*bolt in steering coupler

    Rear trailing arms 

*        Paint

*        Install bushes

*Mazda engine confirmation

-ltsa engine confirmation




Gear oil

Brake fluid 


Seal kit clutch

Fuel filter


Rubber mounts d/shaft

Air filter

Pick a part alt

Rad cap



Trans fluid




Went good up to Hamner, fucked up the clutch master seal and it bit the dust on the way from my house to the Northwood convoy meet, had to drive up there with no clutch which meant every time I had to stop I had to pull over and start it in 1st then do the old revmatch gear change which is easy enough.. also meant I couldn't give it a canning to clear out whatever had been sitting in the rings/valves for the last 5 years. Big thanks to Felix for grabbing a seal kit from repco on his way. Definitely got faster on the way back but had a minor tank pickup blockage which raised its head whilst overtaking a commonwhore.. bit embarrassing, especially after having overtaken a couple before that too.  Other than that she was flawless, fucken stoked..


Oh.. have to cut and shut the panhard rod as it's pushed the diff to one side lightly scuffing one tyre on some bumps..  

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Small update, have been driving this every month or so or when I can, couldn't find a new clutch master so I honed out another old one I had in storage, no probs since. Also finally flushed out the gas tank as it was getting to the point where I'd be driving for  10min and having to blow in the out pipe to clear the blockage, got about two table spoons of crap out.. but nothing big, still, hasn't given me issues yet so I assume I got rid of whatever was causing things. And the big news


In support of os nats.. bitch failed her warrant this morning.. failed on a brand new, less than 1000km bottom ball joint. Just put on a new one.. fucken cheap ball joints. New one cost 60 instead of 30 and straight away was far easier to install than the other ones, might have to invest in the other side a bit more.. Also got warned about a couple of other things for the next wof. Half crushed extractor pipe? That's def a new one, passed compliance like that. Just goes to show that vehicle testing stations aren't all that bad..

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Pictures are so 2014.. 


Went well to hanmeet a couple of months ago, although on the way back I had to stop twice to purge the the fuel line, so the blockage is obviously back. Wondering if it has something to do with the fuel return line and maybe a weak pump. Changed the diff to a 626 3.6 which has made a reasonable difference to the 100km revs, sits at about 3k now, much better than 3500. Also took her in for a wof the day before the swapmeet and she passed with flying colors (fucken yay!) The list of things to fix from the last wof seemed to have magically disappeared. The two blokes there where pinning over it while I was pinning over a newly repainted camaro one of them owned, blew their minds when I wound down the "opera" window haha.. 

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Took her for a drive out to Harwarden today and discovered that the 626 diff had actually dropped the revs significantly, here's me driving along thinking not much had changed but it's thrown my speedo out the other way so at 100 I'm doing about 27-2800rpm, a good 800 rpm drop.. a lot quieter..

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Drove to kumara and back in this over the weekend, some 450km. No dramas except for the fact that it's as gutless as shit.. guess I have to do something about the low compression..


Got a speeding ticket too god dammit, and I was trying to stay under 110 but because it's out the other way I had a lapse in concentration and got banged..

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Hit a bit of a stumbling block today.. discovered that my reco MA has a later style round port head vs the early square port heads, well, discovered my spares were square anyway...







this puts me in a quandary as I could at a pinch grind the offending obstruction but it would leave me with very little metal at the side of the manifold..









Gah!! pretty annoying, have put a wanted add up but as far as I know of they're pretty fucken rare so if anyone can help I'd be gobbie givingly grateful..

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Put the reco motor in anyway after lunch and fired it up without the exhaust manifold.. good times. started first pop, although was missing alot, changed the plugs from the other motor and bobs.. timed it and all good. Revs much better than the old one, guess thats the advantage of a balance. One thing I forgot was the oil return line from the turbo in the sump.. couldn't figure out where all the oil was coming from haha..


While it was out I took the oportunity to change the throw out bearing, couldn't for the life of me find the new one I bought a year ago so had to buy another, also discovered the tensioner bearing for the p/s was pretty noisy too.. should run a bit quieter now.


Spot the difference






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Typical, found the other throw out bearing whilst I was cleaning up.. put the square manifold back on anyway so I could drive it and also bought a cap for the turbo drain back, goes way better even with 30% less port, as it should I guess having done less than 1000ks. Have potentially found a round port manifold but it's north side, hope it's cheap enough to post. Flushed out the cooling system and renewed the antifreeze, should be good for the next 350000ks

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Sigh* guess this was also affected by my photobucket deletes..


Anyway, managed to get a round port manifold a while back.. did a bit of port matching, the head has had some work.. 


As received..


Bit of meat to remove.






Just a comparison of the two, prob should have cleaned the square port up to show..




The exhaust is holding it back a bit, so is the carb.. need to get the efi on. Has a shit ton more of the mark but then gets strangled.

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Failed a warrant again, minor shizz but the bottom outer ball joint again. Had somehow started to to unscrew itself.. ended up buying a big socket to convert into a square socket, much simpler to tighten.. and easier than the bird shit I made previously.











Should have done this right at the beginning, good thing is I can use it for the 929 as it runs the same suspension..

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Decided to get off my arse and install the efi, after the last run to hanmer I got sick of the flat spots and rough running.. Got all the gear out to hook it up.


Got this far..


Then realised the injector plugs I grabbed from pickapart 5 years ago were wrong and they're for high impendence injectors, so I need to back out and get some others. Also while I'm out there I need a Nissan vg30 tps for the vg30 tb. I also need to buy an Oxy sensor, an ignitor and ballast resistor for the injectors. Speaking of injectors, still haven't been able to find any info on the denso's I have. 195500-0285 is the code if anyone knows.. 

Bought a new battery today as mine is about 2007 and doing random slow starts.. 



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Spent some time on this yesterday in between family duties.. Went out to pick a part last sat and got the right plugs and a 4 wire O2 sensor but man, trying to find a tps that works in reverse for my throttle body was a mission. Spent about 40mins wandering round pulling off random tps till I finally got one off a mazda 626 but then even that had a slightly different spindle socket.. Should be able to mod it to fit with minimal effort.. Anyway.. 

Got the ecu powered up to have a look that its gonna work with my set up and it seems good to go.. Does anyone know how to do a factory reset on a g1 link? 



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Spent a lot of time just trying to change one heater hose.. The top one, about an hour.. Not made for stonemason fingers.. 



Got there in the end tho, she's getting a bit cramped down the back.. 




The salt air out here really fucks things up as you can see on the tappet cover.. 



Just have to install and wire the fuel pump.. wire tps, injectors, fan and ignitor and it should run. 


















Then... Snail time.. 

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Here's a slightly better shot.. Had been painted about 3 years, I guess you can't expect much with vht.. 



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Had a chance to do some more on this since it's been raining..  Just got to wire up the fuses, relays, fuel pump then start it..  Hopefully. 


In hindsight I prob should have gone for high impendence injectors, for ease sake.. But set the resistors up.. 




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