Valiants Big Block AP5

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OK so love it or hate it here it is.

The whole thing went a bit more OCD than I first intended...

What it is.

1964 Valiant AP5.

I draged it out of a garage about 2002 it was push button auto, brush painted and had a seized 225.


383 b series big block.

comp xe268 cam

906 heads

Performer rpm intake

780 holley


727 Torqueflight

9inch ford diff with 3.0/1 open diff.

Some other stuff too.

I need to do a few things before its fully finished

Mainly a better rear ratio with a spool/LSD

It gets a bit warm in traffic

Bit of panel work needs sorting.

I'm sick of spending money on it at the moment so it will have to wait.








Discuss here //

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This has been sitting in my shed since August 2011, it's time to get it useable.

First off I want it to run on LPG.

Second is to sort out it's overheating issues.

Third if I can afford it is a LSD centre.

So this is what I have:

425 Impco gas carb, model E converter and the throttle plates off a 600 cfm Holley carb.


The Gas carb bolts straight onto the Holley throttle plates. It all clears the under side of the bonnet too which I am very pleased about.


I have this tank too, It's good and big it has separate valve locations which is good for flow.


The garage got full of smoke at one stage too.


Discuss viewtopic.php?f=18&t=25095

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