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Not much really happening here Just Daily driving 'Red' and today was Rally car Day @ Tui Brewery So got this off the Lawn :


She started right up & had to hunt for a set of nuts to bolt the steelies back on, the tires took some encouragement to hold air & semi-fixed the strobe lights (one wasn't responding)

1st to register (of the 3 cars that turned up) 


First to register for the day, Jared Mulinder with his 2 4 1 meal voucher! Early bird gets the worm!!

and won "Most Original" Rally car of the day, couple of Doz of the Amber Fluid & a certificate



yeah was lowering the tone a tad & here's the other beauties that turned up


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Other than the recent Mountain out of a Molehill that was the Ballast resistor Failure nothing to report other than topping up the Gas and using it and Being a home for spiders

Happy 2019 OS


Some mine / most from around the Globe

Happy New Year Avenger.co.nz

Source for the other Images :

Dodge Polara 2 door Quad Headlight : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp9V7HND_Gv/

Jumping Dodge 1500 Advert : https://www.instagram.com/p/BcHp5P0HvH_/

Iranian Blue Avenger in centre : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf8eHOoHJaJ/

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On 04/01/2019 at 13:24, JoKer said:

Ballast resistor Failure

Deja vu

Didn't quite make last Weeks Palmy OS meet (by 1.2km) was still home by 9pm I had forgotten about my AA Plus Membership until someone offered theirs for me to 'use' hah

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wonder how many $15 Parts there are that can stop a car....


Got 2x CBR43's, just in case & you know, that will mean I will NEVER need the second one...

under $30 from my local parts store vs $20 ea from Trademe


Diagram from the 'Haynes' and with the Multi-meter I'm recording 2~ Ohm & 5~ Ohm

will that be an issue, or have I got the wrong units?


appears to be the only part 'new' available


https://www.sparesbox.com.au/partsearch?query=Fuelmiser Ballast &type=products


it would be a shame to pop it in & find the "next" vulnerability after-all!

there's not specs on these 


here : https://shopping.rewardia.com.au/Ignition_System_Ballast_Resistor_Fuelmiser_CBR41?pk=zm&pi=1330129663

and an Ebay advert for the above (Mopar Discontinued) Part# P4529795 says






REPLACES OEM 3656199 / 3874767 


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alrighty it was a bit of a Saga & I'm sure OS is sick of hearing about it (waasnt really much anyone could do without physically looking at it & I didn't help much)

we checked everthing else, fuel, diaphragms, sparks, wirings... then

On 19/07/2019 at 13:28, JoKer said:


see that wire #5?

I didn't have that (it never has)

car goes good now & may explain the dead resistors too


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Not much Happening since I tucker it in the shed, we've been focusing on the Datto & Nat's 2020

but here's a big Happy Birthday to the Avenger Brand! Which turns 50 today


Love 'em or hate 'em there's a cult following around the world : and more on the road here than in the UK!

(its not just me)

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Starter begun making a grinding noises a month or so ago (And I;ve been side tracked / focused on other things for a bit : yeah

then stopped

I've never had a spare until my 1st Visit to Ron's horde the other week

so had it cleaned & checked over and half an hour to swap out & back on the road



Quite nice to drive the old Girl for a change

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