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Discussion Thread here  :

Salvaging EVERYTHING but bare shell pics :


last flight vid :


(nearly cried NEARLY!)

re-birthed ex T-weir shell with cage (he has more history of it that I have forgot)


Pics assembling :


Ruanui Rd 1st outing - Bent drivers side front :


Otaria Road in car Vid :



Pics - bent Pasengers side front :



tried some Italian Solexes which gave grief

s***ty running vid :




return to Strombergs = 35kw yeti's Dyno 2010

vid :


Pics :


custom made CNC ACM panel adapters to fit Ramflo's I bought for the solex's (to be reinstalled when I have time/money to pay for a tune)

th_House011.jpg th_House009.jpg


EDIT : (pix and vid's as I find them on my pc's)

Discussion : http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=24727

My wood/work shop


Spares down at Wilf's


have since found at least 2 more to scrounge from


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vid from last Months event

spot the bittoowideoutofonecorner moment

edit : wrong vid - this WAS the last run but DNF, previous run (which i tought i was uploading) I went a it wide and hit a jump, this run above 1st corner the battery can loose and +ve'd the whole car killing it = coast down and dissapointment :doubt:

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Some Assembly required :


Motor in Wed night, start/sset timining thurs Morn

Leave for Taupo Thurs Arvo

FRIDAY FRIDAY gunna get down on FRIDAY!

and went past Dyno on way hm


dealing with an exhaust leek/ stripped thread/helicoils so slight potential for more

side-draughts are top of list but budget is way in the red - may have an option up my sleave

can see the OEM 1300 gearbox giving out next - might pay to check fluid levels as track was very noisy swapping cogs


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I tickled some OS fags fun bits (inc mine) doing this : ^^

edit : beated to it by the Mod who rang me on my cell fone which was taped to my cage to perform incar camera duties so I had to quickly learn to use hands free

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so Wez/1vaknd's Taupo track day eh :P


mush manlove to Ray for the vid!

I have not watched full clip yet but manage to muscle in front of the Demio (my bad) then harras karmageddon's MX5 for the remainder, slick enhance my handling/braking but he manages to stay in front convincingly, ripple strips deal to the HP create a miss (leads fall of plugs/dizzy) and back off,

some pic's gleaned from other gc's fb/p-bucket accounts


My pic


Credit Ned I believe (looks similar to the rest of the set so i will be wrong)

Next 3 are http://www.lotsafyre.com (wicked 3 wheeling explains canvas on front right)




My self timed laps were 2:03 or 2;05

I'm claiming 3, my TT Legacy does 1:58's same track

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Rally car is in Panel Shop

have just bought this


Kilometres: 83,000km

Body: orange & cream, 4 door, Sedan

Fuel type: Petrol

Engine: 4 cylinder, 1600cc, Automatic

Number of owners: 3 owners

Registration expires: Sep 2012

WOF expires: Sep 2012

Features: Towbar

Previous owner before last was Borgwieser

Have 17x7 ugly mags for it and handbrake and diff need attention, intend to daily!

ot sure if it requires separate build thread

Requesting Valuation for insurance

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