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Prep for back on the roadness




Sanded Back & new headlights




Closer to paint, couple of rust patches getting taken care of too




never bugged me before but the strip on this side is half inch longer than other side & sticks out a tad




Got the rally car back & moved a few things around into their new spots

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In case anyone cares / reads these things here's the bill for the Front windscreen rubber




will be the same if you're an Esky fan, looks swish now I seen a bill for a windscreen too, not much change from $3k from the last member who had one replaced via insurance



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revelation "Red" is 40 this year yeah





must be time to re-road this thing


aslo drove "White" about the other day


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Such a tease here it is


A years rego cost the same as a tank of gas!
Odo stats 86488 at time of WOF
link to discussion thread is at the totp
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So short story : Test driving after fresh wof Week before Leadfoot CHOICE


Drove Palmy Tues night fine....


Back to Dvk she lets go all water via split in the Radiator I had been monitoring (below temp sensor so I assume nothing to measure = very little warning) STINK


Take the Day off work Wednesday head over to see Graham Ekins (Avenger/Humber club spares Guru


$25 for new Head & Intake/Exhaust Gaskets


Drop Rad off at A & D Radiators on Cook Street as per recommendations quote for $300


Head off Wed Night


Head back on Thurs night / new oil filter


Radiator ready Fri morning Install 11am


Leave for Leadfoot 1pm DVK via Vinegar Hill (not testing fresh setup over Napier : Taupo's its 3hrs to Taupo either way we go from here)


808 miles @ 3500 rpms / 1300km Back to Dvk 10pm Monday Night mostly trouble free motoring 






car literally turns heads, and gets comments wherever we stop


they are like Belly Buttons, everyone has had one or knows someone with one!


only issue was a sticking caliper, was grinding metal / changed pads in the carpark at Leadfoot, made the last half hour into Whitianga interesting Fri Night


will do a massive post with a dump of pics from the weekends adventures & a list of people to thank & congratulate, now to count costs & see if there's any money left for my Nat's entry

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How do you celebrate 10 years of OS Nats?




Spares for years, & my only actual 2nd Alpine (that I know of) put it next to the rest, cheers


turns out its a 76 twin for my Orange Alpine : chooooice


Jokers Avenging Hill men Discussion << Link / discuss there

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oh yea and the joy factory currently sits like this




Oranges & reds & stuff (Blue & gold dress or White & blue Hue?)


join the other Roote's weirdo's over on : there's even some free parts going if you look in the right thread

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Ok so she's in the 'shop'


Nick says I need a new / replacement head & Valves due to cracks & stuff

sooo what's my best option?

I do have the twin Blue one (on the back or the tow truck scroll up) thats also a 76 Alpine TC (only difference is manual)



a 72 1500 (brown one in pic) which i drove to where it is now (nothing in the one to the left of it)


with the thought that a 1500 head on a 1600 block ups compression / power? but is that what I want / need with an automatic car?

then there's the Chrysler Wagon newest & possibly the best bet in my mind?


was also a runner till parked up on pete's farm & the springs raided for the Rally car / not entirely sure if its a 1600 (no reason to think otherwise) has LPG / CNG fitted, will this have affected it in any way?

gave Kiera my original 1600 head off this car Project thread here :


in return I have her 1300 head (or is her's 1600? cant recall) with a burnt out exhaust valve

edit carjam says its CC rating = 1,600cc (still a 1975 / 41 year old head)

that's the immediate simplest option with a new set of valves etc

aware ideally I would like to find a "S" stamped big valve head but happy to use what I have for now without spending squillions

thoughts & input please into the discussion thread 

Jokers Avenging Hill men Discussion << Link / discuss there

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Fixed until the next thing breaks




Big thank you list for all the work I 'appear' to have done to this car to date
My Brother Kyle & his Partner Lisa for delivering the car in 2012
J A Davison Motor Engineer for gearbox assistance & oem part (previous owner once removed)
Richard for hosting
Wier's for parts & spare cars
Chris, Amanda, Lea, Kyle & Lucy Berkahn for painting / prepping / sanding & polishing the car over New Years
Scrimy as well for lending a hand
Nick @ ProTune Automotive for getting it on the road (more than once & sorting this head job out)
Car & Boz for the emergency Headgasket 2 night's before Leadfoot Festival
A&D Radiator Services for the re-cored Radiator
Allan @ Agnew's Autos for the tappet reset on the fly on the way there
Warwick for electrical
Graham aka avengerparts on here for the Gaskets & assistance (10-5's Dad)
Geoff aka sunbeam on here for parts, Gearbox & heater Hoses
My workers for putting up with a car in a Wood-work shop once or twice over the last few years
and my partner Amy who puts up with it all & I beleive enjoys the adventures
and of course​ for being lush
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Litterally driving the tits of it & this bit wore out




Speedo drive, lucky I still had the OEM gearbag in the shed (the Chrysler Wagon makes a great Shed for parts)


had it out in two tics & hopefully fresh WOF this arvo, a few other things like no brake lights & such getting sorted at same time


can anyone tell me about this drive? Colour is important apparently & just planning ahead 'for next time'


is it specific to BW45's or will I find one in a Manual box too?


at worst I guess could always get one 3D printed or what-not eh


reply in me discussion there here : //

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So I had a bit of a ride on a tow truck last week




after a big BANG and a loss of drive, fingers and toes were crossed it wasnt Box related


turns out suspicions were correct & this thing had dropped its guts




with bonus Spider in the pinion ruining the plan to 'just' swap the head


moped a bit then got on with the Brown Chrysler rear end, theory being the Wagon has 4.11 & that's quicker off the mark / better saved for the Racecar




job done

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Much thanks to Fletch & bro for helping get these too moi




anyone got a Guard roller for hire?

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