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Matteybean's 1966 Prince B200

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Got some tube and made up the gaps in the last 3. Got a welder here so will weld shortly



They all line up pretty good for not really knowing what I'm doing. Just made them out of cardboard tube, made it fit then cut down the centre of the tube to wrap it around my pipe then cut it with a grinder. Came up almost perfect first try then just needed a bit of grinding to make fit better.


Slowly getting there...

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Getting closer to on road status now.


Since last update I have made a new exhaust, fixed all the remaining rust in the inner wheel arch and sealed all that up. New starter solenoid. Still need to get some crimps and connections to rewire a few things that are twist and tapped to just get it going but that will be taking place Saturday.


Also got a spare engine to have a play on as have never pulled one down. Got a stand for it also just need to attach it at some point.



Exhaust looking nice and new. Ignore the muffler, hasn't been replaced.




Fixed a big hole here and was difficult as a few areas meet here. A lot of little patches on the inside then welded a big patch over and sealed it all up.


Engine all ready to go.



Hopefully a driving video this weekend if it stays sunny and the car actually works.



Discussion thread here if you want to have a yarn.

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had first test drive this weekend. went fine, no issues except a bit of hesitation when getting on the gas. can jandel your way through it so no worries there. had an oil leak where the line to the oil pressure gauge got a pin hole so just disconnected that for now.


had to fix a few exhaust leaks where i welded the flanges on, was expected though.


heres a video. looks fine on a phone, was facebook messaged to me so looked a little crap after that now youtube has made it look like it was filmed in the early 90s. oh well.


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Hey guys so the time has come and dave has sold the prince to me which i plan on getting back on the road for summer cruise spec!

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Spent abit of time tinkering and giving it a test drive on road. Was abit crap to drive first time. Had an oil leak cork rocker cover gaskit had mis aligned. All sorted now though. 

Doesnt like when you step on gas and splutters after 4k rpm im hoping a good drive will sort that out. Checked timing was spot on removed carb n took apart to clean and re assemble - made a difference drove abit better. Still not so great after 4k rpm.

Alternator doesnt charge battery properly so removed to be rebuilt.




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Got the call and the alternator was ready to be picked up - the alternator was fine it was the external regulator that was poked - is a mitsibushi one which someone has mis matched onto the Vauxhall motor.

Hooked heater hoses up because mrs wanted to ride passenger... apart from the very dull head lights, the popping and sputtering and overall struggle to drive she really enjoyed it.


Atleast now i can tinker more during the weekend and try to get it running better without the battery going flat20170712_161522_zpshy0qmu7o.jpg


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I had a pretty productive week on the prince.

Made it to the auckland OS auckland monthly without a hitch. It was a good night!



I managed to get some stop leak into the radiator and so far so good hasnt leaked any since the initial leak.



Another problem which has been occuring is after driving the starter motor doesnt seem to want to tick over. Can hear the solanoid tick but nothing from the starter..

So yesterday i decided to take it off and inspect it. On inspection it all looked OK. Was full of oil/grease due to rocker cover gasket leaking oil all over it. Gave it a good degrease and clean up, re greased what needed to be done.








It was auctually prick of a job. I needed to remove intake manifold and extractors to get the starter motor out.






Anyway once back together i turned it on and off about was 10x total in between of letting it get to temperature. Took it for a drive around the block turned off and on no problems.

Boy was i wrong. I went to put some gas in and got stuck! Same problem ticking away. While i had to sit there for 40 odd minutes until the car cooled so it would start again i read after market extractors causing issues run to close to block and ofcourse.. the starter motor.


I felt the starter motor and it did feel hot. It has a remote solonoid on the guard so it cant be that.. or can it.


Needed a push start to get home from mates after gas station break down and this morning i could not get it going again.


Maybe the battery is stuffed.. it is a 2nd hand one i brought from zebra 2 odd years ago.


Apon stumbling on an old barry and engaging conversation he had a piece of heat shield from ACL which he gave me to wrap starter motor in to hopefully stop the issue with the starter.




Battery currently on the trickle charge. Tomorrow i will do some more tests once i grab my multimeter from work.


On another note caught up with Rich and got this sweet roof rack off him

Had a siezed clamp which abit of heat.  Multi grips and WD40 it was free pretty easy.


Here's some pics. I'm abit 50/50 with it at the moment. Lets see if it grows on me. Crappy driveway photos couldnt move car.










Tell me what ya reckon



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Well well October Already!!


my Samsung s8 screen broke so I lost all photos and is an update even an update without a photo??


got all the brakes sorted and managed to enjoy it more or less hassle free for a few hundred KM which isn't short of a miracle! I made it to Septembers caffeine n classics where a lot of barrying went on! Good times were had!!



last sat took it for a drive and heading up a hill it died n I struggled for the next few hours fighting to keep it going, it would die pulling up to lights I checked fuel filter, checked leads and coil resistance revs were up n down it was sluggish n all round crappy.

found an electric ignition kit I ordered it so that'll turn up before weekend, also have another carb I'll try. The one on seems clean enough inside but just gotta work thru it



mean eh

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Electric ignition fricking rocks!! The dizzy must be tired because electric ignition made it run how it should at TDC without needing shitloads of advance! Would it be a good idea to try get another dizzy? Or this be sweet now it's electric?

dizzy is a delco 202 later model, the electric ignition kit was for a delco so direct bolt in kit! 


Car seems to be running unbelievably better lots more power with no hesitation like it use to have, am thinking of opening spark plug a up a little and see if any difference again!

now that she's running mint I thought it would be a good idea to grab the triple carb setup for it! Stromberg CD150 x3

2 of them had been dropped some years back and had cracked with the brass barb fitting where it threads into the carb, the bodies on these carbs are super super soft :(



After having a good look I noticed they were cast quite deep into the carb body so I hacksawed off the broken bit leaving 5mm~ to be re threaded!


Too easy you reckon?


yeah nah aye. This is prince ownership, nothing is that easy.

after I had em re threaded very carefully it blew the arse off the body so that's them stuffed!


only very small but they wont seal so decided to go back to plan A and look for some others.




mind the JB weld was previous owners attempt at the fix.


box of spares...



Was quite a successful day  auctually, ol mate @Threeonthetree put me in touch with someone who had a set kicking about so they are currently on the courier to my place! Look to be in good nick but insure if they work or not but I plan to just swap it all over anyway as the current 3 on manifolds have been jetted for the Vauxhall 3.3


hopefully be able to chuck em on over next few weeks n make the 0-100 km top speed that little bit faster! 


Fun in times ahead! 


Discussion thread!




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Been awhile since I updated but the carbs all turned up and weren't in too bad shape I pulled them all apart cleaned them up n made sure everything was working, got them all fitted and made up a some copper tubing to link em all together.

Unfortunately I lost yet another Samsung s8 so no photos you'll just have to take my word for it.

I enjoyed the prince up until its wof ran out in December with all things continuing smoothly before removing for carbs.


Anyhow I've decided to put it back into dry storage long term until I'm ready for another crack. I've grabbed the Corona as I still have plans for it 


Here's some final pics :)






And where she currently is all tucked away. There is also a prince skyline GTO in one of these sheds





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Found a cool picture so thought id upload it.

Really itching to get back to working on this!!




(Or buy a bigger garage on some land)




Thanks for looking

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Am still itching to work on this haha.. hopefully some time next year I'll be back on to this.


Anyway went into storage to take the tacho off to use for the crown.

Thought I'd take some pics.. looks exactly the same it did when I put it in few years ago.. with "CUNT" still shining thru a coverup where my brothers ex girlfriend wrote him a message when they broke up. Bless her.






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