MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

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I used to have a haggard old fwd 80's Celica that I chucked a pimped out 3SGE in and played around with over the years, but always kept my eye out for a TA.

I never really liked the front on the 22's cos imo they look a bit wussy, and the hatch-back with the manly straight-cut nose doesn't have sweet winding rear windows so that was out. Thus my wee heart was staunchly set on finding a 23.

This is the one i found:


I intended to buy one and restore it, but being the post-apocalyptic movie lover I am, had always wanted a tough Mad-max esque whip as well - I started drawing pictures of what a TA23 would look like all bad-ass spec.


When I bought this car, I thought that it'd be a simple tidy up job being that it has a previous thread on here (slownlo's) and it seemed legit.

I quickly found that the head gasket was all kinds of leaky and the radiator ran more oil through it than water.

Shit started snowballing, and after one of my flatmates smoked the corner of it whilst reversing, and my band's singer drove his Terranosaurus into the bonnet, I realised that most of the body was in fact, bog.

Enter this shit:


I whipped off all of the paint, E took the engine to rebuild the living shittery out of it and the stupendous amount of body work needed was apparent.

Here are some photos. (some are humungo so I thumbnailed them for people with Telecom interwebz ;D )


This is the beast at the workshop, after being mostly stripped and having the rebuilt engine slammed back in.


We left it for some time, and the surface rust started nom nom nomming.


POR15 metal ready sussed it though.



I stripped like an inch (seriously, a fucking INCH) of bog off pretty much the entire fucking surface of the car and then stripped and painted the front quarters whilst they were off the car.



Matty B ftw.



But since the panels are dented to fuckery, and I now hate Bog more than fat kids hate salad, I decided to avoid having to smooth shit out with panel work and filler,celebrate the fact that they are fucked from having a hard-core life and roll a rat-spec look. Sanded the edges, lines, dents etc to make the panels look battle-worn.



At this point let me give anyone who would ever like to paint a car some advice.


(especially if you intend to put enough bog on the car to reshape the whole fucking thing)

Whoever initially painted the whip needs to die.

Drown in bog or something.

The whole car is a series of rust holes and shittyness because of atrocious prep. E hates rust holes. So he got a grinder and got all texas chainsaw up in the bitch:



Because tidy roof-lines are for girly bitches, I hacked the trough thingies off. Also they were rusted to high hell.

We made ourselves some much more manly ones. Haha.



We painted the whole shit in POR15 black, and assembled heaps.






I like the haggardness of the bonnet:

That's all I have for now.

I only managed a few photos cos I was rocking pxt action.

Will keep y'all updated.

From here, plan is to finish rust repairs, then add more shit such as a a bonnet mounted Browning .30cal and a bit of armour maybe as per my drawing above. (bitches go without saying.)

Engine is all there and good to go but for the wiring, and plumbing in a front mount we scored off a 4agze and a front-facing plenum E is making up.

As much as I hate listing future plans, cos you look hopeless if you don't accomplish them in ages,

Other random future plans include suicide doors.

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just kidding :D

over much discussion edz decided 3tgte just didn't suit the car. needed something more flavor and to be more offensive all round in general. so this was picked up this morning. edz's new front-suspension-lowering-device. my little corona was so unhappy towing it :lol:




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I hate it when people update threads with no pictures so here is a pictureless update!

V8 Deez fouls on archaic steering rack, thus we have decided to switch to rack and pinion for maximum lushness.

We now have to locate suitable steering rack etc.

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Random picture update.

Haven't done anything on the Deez-Leeka for ages on account of not having suitable welding paraphernalia.

Excuse the shitty phone quality pics.

They show the sweet roof lines (which just need a few more holes welded up) and the olds 8-pack in the bay prior to hacking up the cross member to get it to mount up nicely.

Enough talk..

Oldsmobile Diesel 350ci V8. One of the most infamous american engines ever.


Before anyone says that it's cos it was a petrol converted to deez, It wasn't. The exterior is almost identical, but it's 100% meant to be diesel on the inside.

Just incredibly shitty diesel.

Info here: &

Engine in, just sitting on x-member. (love the garden-hose fuel line!!)


Side of the bitch


Engine again


And again...


Rear corner was rooted. It's a bit hard to see but replacement steel is thick as fuck and lush. Will weld some bolts or some such shit to it to make it look awesome.



Shit chopped out - plate steel in.







(I fucken love this photo)

The whole plate. The whole plate:



(The box on the bonnet is full of steering rack, for converting to rack & pinion)

Next to the Lada at E's old workshop:


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Massive pic update.

After waiting forever to get a welder, I finally wrangled one off my dad.

First I had to go out and drop hundreds on a bottle, regulator and gas, then Tim and I got cracking on the monumental amounts of rust in the TA:

We started by hacking off the sills on either side:


Which were practically made of bog:


(This shows just how much bog was slathered over rusty bits. Fully explains why the car is so fucked.

I hope any person who thinks that putting this much bog on a rusty car is a good idea, never finds love and happiness, loses all of his teeth and then dies painfully of ball cancer.)

Then we set about cutting out the rusty half of the drivers side floor:


And welded in an entirely new half:




We had to chop out part of the chassis/seat mounts, and re weld them back in with reinforcement to replace where the previous person mangled up some seat mount welding:








Also welded in the vertical bit of the sill, and welded it to the floor panel. The new metal is twice as thick as the original stuff so getting good penetration was an effort...


A bit at the back still needs finishing up - gotta bust out some crazy shapes to make it the same as factory:


So after we replaced half of the driver's side floor, we still need to do the passenger's side:



And there is still a SHITLOAD of rust to go...

Bottom corners of the A pillars,

Driver's side:



Passenger's side:


The boot,

Driver's side:


Passenger's side:


And around the windows,





Rust in the drivers door sill, hidden by a generous coating of bog...


And all of that isn't including the entire front cowl that goes over the wiper motors, as well as various little spots and holes all over the car.



In other news, I have the crossmember I need to get the 8-pack mounted up, just hoping to get a hold of a power steering rack for a ke70/ae85-86/te71 etc.

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Did the front corner of the driver's door sill today. I had to make it out of like 10 tiny patches - it's a bit ugly, but i'm not gonna bog where it got dented in.


And finished off the chassis rail/seat mount thing.


Here's one of the other seat mounts.. it's made of rust and ass leakage.


Also, don't buy cut-off discs from supercheap. Luckily I have snake-like reactions, and managed to avoid the shrapnel.

My laces weren't so lucky...


I'm thinking of taking the piece with the barcode on it back and getting a refund... ;)

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Did more rust work. It's pretty slow going with Xm-arse /NY's hours at work...

Passenger's side A pillar is fixed:



Rear section of Driver's side door sill is in:



Horrible cunty bits where wheel-arch met with floor were rusted through, what a cunt to cut out!

Shit load of weld fixed it though:


My phone takes shit photos...

Also got steering rack in.

Was a cunt. and is still a little too short in one section...


The one sitting on the floor is a power-steering rack. Not sure which to use, power steer might foul on engine/ headers/ sump as it sits higher.. Non power steering will break me. I have girl-arms.

Also, lushed up my airsoft AKMS while I was out at the lockup.


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It's been a while.


Nothing too major to report though, just more rust work:

Driver's side A pillar:





Passenger's floor:




Passenger sill panel inner:


Boot floor Holes:


Boot floor no holes (one bit not welded cos i ran outta wire)


Around the rear window:




Holy crap this panel was so unbelievably ballsed up from previous shoddy repairs!!!

So now, I have pretty much only got to get side sill panels, and re-attach the front wiper cowl, and all the rust work will be done.


Fuck yeah!!

Next thing is to actually mount up the V8 to my modified ae86 crossmember, and build up a transmission crossmember for the TH350.

Then other stuff that involves more money than I have right now, such as wheels, suspension, brakes and fuel lines.



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And more shit done today:


Finished boot off:




Rear quarter armour. Gotta watch them bullets yo!




Front window area - under the cowl panel was full of fuck, but I cleaned it out and plugged up a bunch of holes all along the edge of it:




The corners of the cowl are mint...




Maybe I'll hide it under bog...

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Got wheels.

Chur ke70_wagon!








I think I'ma need flares.






Got a Russian engine in there. 




So now I just have to get some sills folded up and fill the gaping hole in the trans tunnel and that's all the bodywork done.

Spent most of this weekend sorting out the steering column etc, it's all in there, just have to test fit the engine and adjust according to where exhaust will go.

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Engine in to suss position.




Sump fouls on steering rack by the most pathetic amount.





I would just notch the sump, but the Deez 350's oil pump hangs down into the sump right about where i'd be looking to notch it.

I'll try to find a shorter one - possibly petrol 350 will fit..


Because the motor cant shimmy back and down enough with the larger power steering rack, there won't be enough room for the radiator!


I don't want to use non-power rack cos i can hardly turn the wheels with the engine in there, it's ridiculously difficult - and i'd like my girlfriend to be able to drive it.


The only other solution is to cut a big ass hole in the firewall cos fuck relocating the crossmember and steering etc.

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Welded the shroud and the bulkhead panel for the TA23 steering column and the bearing carrier for the lower half of an ae86 steering column together.

Now steering is all goods.




Melted the shroud's shrink wrap... 


So I made it all better with electrical tape!



Then I put the engine in again to suss location for mounts.



It all fit nicely!






This is how:








Still gotta sort out (chop out) trans tunnel.



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Time for my Yearly update!

A lot has happened since the last update:

I moved to auckland and so i rarely get a chance to get down to hamilton to work on the car.


I did manage to get a bit of shit done though,

Bought some parts for it too - Flares and seats.


I mounted the engine finally thanks to E and his OB welder action!

Now just need to make a trans crossmember and a driveshaft + loop and that will be all of the running gear sorted out.


Here are some pics of the engine mounts:








I hope the forum resizes those pictures cos fuck they are huge!! 


Anyway, the old AE86 crossmember that I had in there didn't have suitable mounts, so I cut the ones off my TA crossmember and welded them to it.

On the Driver's side, I hade to fab up a platform out of two pieces of super thick box section, which I mounted the actual mount brackets to.

On the engine, there is a flat bar, with a triangular section welded to it, this is what the rubber mount block gets bolted to.


I still need to get some new rubber blocks as these old ones are pretty shabby - but they aren't too expensive, from these guys:


That's all for now - I will be back down this coming weekend to take pics of Tim's 240z for sale, as well as mount my flares and make a crossmember for the TH350.


Oh also, anyone have an old T series driveshaft kicking around, that they'd wanna part with? I need the diff-end of one to mount on a Chevy driveshaft - I'm hoping the little Tseries diff can handle the might of 120 HP and 300nM of torque, not to mention all of the FREEDOM from the American diesel.



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So spent some time at our lock-up this weekend.

Mostly taking photos of Tim's 240z for Trademe and fixing a bit of rust on my supra. 


Did manage to make a template for the trans tunnel and firewall for the celica, as well as mock up positioning for flares and race seats.

Gotta get some mounts for those seats that will flip forward so I can keep the rear seats, as well as chop down the back of them so that they are like those classic datsun race seats.





Gonna cut out the steel for the firewall and tunnel next time I'm down, then maybe get some swage lines in the bits, before welding it in.



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