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  1. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    Cheers guys! Yeah it was somewhat touch and go there with my sanity. Brain chemicals were all fucked, the doctor reckons I did damage to some tiny capillaries in my brain somewhere and somehow and after that just kind of went bananas. On a bunch of different meds, to stop psychosis, seizures, moods etc. But good thing is, I have a bunch of time off work now to work on this sack of shit car!
  2. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    So. I didn't die, but yeah had a bunch of crazy head issues - mostly sorted through an influx of medication. Got the engine and trans mounts done at DKM - they did a jolly good job. Now lego-ing the car back together. Only it's like trying to build a spaceship, when the blocks you have are for a castle. And half of them are Megablox and Duplo. Got the front end of the interior finished, slammed in some sound deadener. Now just waiting on some parts for the engine - picking up an alternator today, then waiting on a longer shift cable, new pulleys and belts and a wiring harness (gonna rewire the whole thing from scratch - yay!) Should be fun.
  3. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    They are 240z guards off eBay. They may need a tiny bit of adjustment to fit though.
  4. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    double post... I have been playing a bunch of bloodborne recently so hoped I am just growing eyes on the inside of my head and gaining old-one insight. By the way everyone - buy a ps4 and play Bloodborne. It's jolly good.
  5. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    Yeah I made sure to rule out encephalitis and leukemia. Enceph mostly cos I'm a pom, and that mad cow shit is our thang! Haha nah, it matched a lot of my symptoms. But besides a lot of creatinine in my blood - crapped out kidneys, bloods came back fairly normal.
  6. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    Cheers bro, yeah I figured that could be a problem, though if there is seal and carpet.... how would they know there were patches? Nah I do wanna do this all legit, so that's a good point, cheers!
  7. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    So. It seems I really only update this thread like once every year... Holy shit I am slack... Anyway, this update sucks. For the last year, the car has sat in the garage in Auckland. I was really hoping that due to the proximity (it's in the same fucking house as me!) that I would be able to crack into the bitch and get it all ready for assembly this summer. Well, summer has come and it's far from ready. I've finished off welding on the sills (need to trim off excess), and finished all the firewall fabrication - It just needs some sort of underseal or something to make it look less shit-house: I have tried and failed multiple methods of actually mounting the engine now, and just can't seem to get it right. It's a combination of having an utterly shit welder, BEING utterly shit at welding and not being strong enough to wrangle the engine into position for measuring and fabbing. The sad reason for this is that over the last few months I have had monumental health fuck ups. Initially some sort of infection, then essentially flu symptoms (all-over aching and weakness etc) that have lasted for weeks on end. At one point, also was hospitalised by the pain, which turned out to be kidney swelling and tissue damage from this mystery illness. The latest, is that I have something wrong with my head. Now we all already knew that based on my choice of engine and car, but jokes aside, I've been having some rather interesting experiences, including Hallucinations, Synesthesia, paralysing headaches and constant nausea/ dizziness, in addition to a whole bunch of odd mood swings and anxiety. This has all obviously meant that working on the car has been VERY difficult. I managed to get mounts welded up and the engine in the hole, but then for some reason, after a bout of tears and weird paranoia, I cut it all off!! (seriously, I kind of came to my senses, hacking up the hours of welding I'd just done and muttering to myself all sorts of weird shit.) Pic here: The latest development is that after multiple visits to the doctors, (one of them seriously just googled my symptoms!) I have been referred for a CAT scan, but my work-perk health insurance just changed due to me getting a promotion at work (yay) unfortunately meaning that the policy restarts from the 12th and I am unable to make claims etc until then. I will have to wait it out until then to find out if I am growing a second brain, or have that psychokinesis tumor thing that John Travolta got in that 90s movie. My suspicion and hope is that it has to do with some sort of fucked-up sinus shape in my skull. My little sister had similar but much more mild (and less fun, if you enjoy seeing people that aren't there!) symptoms and ended up needing surgery to shave some of the bone away in her sinus cavity as it was putting pressure on her brain. Anyway, it all sort of sucks, so I have contacted a few fabricators around the city to get quotes for mounting the engine and trans up and therefore not having to worry about this bullshit. Failing that, or if my head stuff turns out to be worse than I hope, then I will look at selling the car. It does still have a rego on hold and I imagine with a shit-ton of work, someone could reverse all the blasphemic butchery that I have done to the car (or be awesome and actually carry on with this engine conversion!) I will let you all know if it has to be sold - and of course you motherfuckers will have first option! Anyway, wish me luck!
  8. Pop up headlight front end conversion when?
  9. Bellicose's '86 Hilux of thin air.

    Would it be possible to find a wrecked ute with the floor not fucked and transplant it? I replaced most of my footwell on both sides but couldn't be fucked making them all wiggly and at the same time, didn't want to lose structural rigidity so just welded in steel that was twice as thick. Probably NOT the way to go, but you could always do that as a last resort? If the wof man never pulled it up for rust, you fix and undersealing etc, would you even need a repair cert? I mean officially yes, but who's even know?
  10. MrMcDoll's Diesel-Punk TA23 Celica

    Did this: What do people usually have to go in the wheel arch? They not have little stone guards factory? Also E lasered me up these sexy mounts.
  11. Auckland Monthly Meet - 26 August

    Nah I'm now in Auckland o_o
  12. Auckland Monthly Meet - 26 August

    Yeah I arrived at like 8ish, left at about 9.20 Gutted I missed you bro!
  13. Auckland Monthly Meet - 26 August

    Jolly good to meet those that I met. Maybe one day I will be able to bring the Celica.. Hope we still have meets in 2030!
  14. Auckland Monthly Meet - 26 August

    lol - was gonna mention that, but I've read that sticky!
  15. Auckland Monthly Meet - 26 August

    I shall attend in the moonbuggy spec sohc-my-balls ga70 - having moved up to Auckland almost two years ago now... probably should have come along before, but i'm a slacker.