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Found 5 results

  1. One British car is stupid. 2 is more stupidist. 1972 Triumph 2.5 PI with 4 speeds and a switch to make some more speeds. Purchased of the tardme for much less than advertised on account of it not working. Was a deceased estate so little information about the not working could be given. Did ascertain that money has been spent, and there is receipts for new metering units and the like. Has been repainted, and clear is blistering in places. There's rust in the front guard, back D pillar window frame and back valance. Spares panels are were supplied with the car but are yet to be collected. So far I've looked for some spark, found it, then lost it, then found it again. I have had it running on some cylinders but not the prescribed 6. So far suspect the coil is a bit average, and probably lots of other things. The main problem, however, is that I think it's been Barried, so nothing can be taken for granted and a full going over needs to happen once I can get the thing to run. All help will be accepted, and I'm sure someone will set up a discussion topic thing for me cause I don't know how.
  2. Discussion thread Started doing some work on this after getting it yesterday. I think it's not been out in the rain for years. It's dry as a bone, but I've found many holes that water will come in because of perished or missing rubber. Little sign of rust. Found that the LARGE battery was doing double duty as an engine steady against the alternator. Replaced the old alternator belt with a shorter one so it didn't hit the battery. The fuel pump is one of those with a glass bowl on top. The rubber seal for the glass bowl is split and leaking. Where can I get one??? Removed the brake master cylinder. It's a dual circuit one. I don't know if these are meant to come apart... Circlip #1 was in 3 pieces. Then a tight fitting nylon washer, I had to drill holes in it to remove it Then a rubber seal, also had to mangle to remove. Then a kind of springy washer. Then another Circlip, way deep in there. The circlip pliers didn't quite reach but I got it out with some wangling. It was filthy, full of gunge. The cylinder doesn't appear pitted. It almost seems sleeved in brass?? Taking it to MP Autoparts tomorrow to see if they can get a kit. I'll probably replace the rear wheel cylinders and rebuild the calipers too. And I found the fan switch! It was the knob I thought was the choke.
  3. This time last year while overseas this triumph popped up for sale in the middle of richmond, luckily no one else seemed to be interested in it (must mean something) and i managed to get the guy to wait till I got back and could check it out. Went and saw it, was pretty tidy, rust free, straight and complete with the 2L manual overdrive. Downside, plates had lapsed after the motor supposedly seized and he stopped driving it. I didn't even bother checking the engine due to having some at home, and came back the next day with my trailer, Left quite quick before he could decide he sold it too cheap and on the way home passed a mates house and we decided to try start it. Appeared to turn over quite freely, and with some fuel i managed to get it running, but didn't run all that well. no brakes or clutch, and sounded pretty sad. Took it home as you do, put it in the garage and not much has happened since, would ideally like to drop a 2.5S engine i have from mk2 in it and get it back on the road looking original
  4. project discussion for my dormant triumph