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Found 6 results

  1. I'm keen to throw my track hack around Sunday Who's coming / displaying / entering? are you ready to laugh? 1996 is oldschool now right? (exit door left <<) I'll see myself out! Oldschool stand? could take the Avenger over too
  2. OK so not quite OS but my other favourite forum / club is turning 20 this year so they will be holding a Trackday & other events over the weekend of 21-22-23rd of April little old Subaru Forum that goes by more info on there & if you cant find it just ask I know there's a bunch of cross-over people here on OS and over there on CS and then there's just some who might enjoy a Track-day & chin wag, definitely a different vibe / crowd all welcome & a Subaru is not a pre-requisite as I'll most likely be rolling the Avenger up for this Jared link from our FB page
  3. ive got an 74 1400 DL sedan that ive been slowly working on for the last year. its runs and the reg is on hold. ive completely overhauld the brakes. removed all the rust of the floor. this is what it looked liked when i picked it up. 1400 engine bay after clean up Discussion Thread: //
  4. I am now the proud owner of a Subaru Omega/Leone RX which i bought off waimaks. The RX is running a ea82t 1800 turbo boxer engine, 7pounds boost. Things Done: Installed Headunit, 6" components in doors, 280ab Eaudio amp Mudgaurds gone Towbar and random bike rack gone De-stickered To do: 2.5" straight through exhaust to ricer cannon with electronic adjustable noise. Cold air intake Top mount Intercooler Boost contoller (11-12psi after intercooler) Compressed springs with shortened shocks to get it to sit 3" lower
  5. nzsubbie's 1974 subaru 1400 this is my project im slowy working on its an 1974 subaru 1400 sedan tidy condsion wet liner 1400 engine with 4speed front wheel drive gearbox engine bay after i cleaned it up
  6. Hey, well I know its not true/proper oldschool, but it is pretty old/textbook eighties styling. But I've been trying to plan some things to do to it. Just about have the drivetrain ideas sorted out. But was fishing around for some input on the exterior, which 'theme' to go with etc. I don't wanna go all out 'X-treme', just something tastefull and nice. Its pretty standard eighties looking.. Whats the suggestions? I had in mind... Wiiiiidde wheels, flaired guards/edges, Slightly lower, stiffened up ride, some form of bonnet scoop, or go fmic. Any input would be sweeet. Please tolerate this..