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Found 3 results

  1. Discussion: Hey all, I'm pretty new around here but I've been in the old skyline scene for awhile. Most people know me for my 1986 Nissan Skyline Passage GT but I have a small habit for collecting hardtops cars as well. Earlier in the year I finally managed to pick up a KHR30 L20ET Coupe which has GT-ES Badges but I believe is actually a GT-EX. As you can see it's had a bit of a hard life so far. Overall it's in average condition. The interior when i got it was half put in with the roof liner ripped and closer than the ground than on the actual roof. When i first picked it up she didn't drive. Would just turn over and never start so I had to trailer it down from Napier to Wellington. The interior wasn't actually in to bad shape although it'll definitely need a proper cleanup in the future. None of he windows worked and the alternator was also cooked. The engine bay was an absolute rats nest of vac lines, loom and coil leads and just overall mess. Who knows what sort of rust is hiding underneath as well. Whilst the intercooler was a nice addition it doesn't help much when the L20et doesn't actually run. The car is an 83 pre-facelift with facelift bumpers on it which don't fit properly so I'll have to find the rest of the facelift parts or fork out the small fortune for an iron mask front end. The plan for the o girl is give her a good old tidy up and fix some of the classic RFB additions that have been made. Just looking at these pictures alone i can see there's going to be a fair wack of rust work that I've got to do, some panel and paint work, and then the engine. I'm planning to keep the L20et in it and rebuild it up for roughly 200hp. Not sure if I'll get there or not yet though. Next steps are stripping it down and find out what sort of rust is hiding under the car and panels and interior. I'll repaint it the factory white and most likely wrap the bottom half of the car silver to make it a bit unique. Hope at least someone finds watching my pain and suffering enjoyable as I strip this thing apart. Discussion:
  2. Right, I'm back again, to actually make a proper effort at a car, unlike my KE70 that I abandoned after a week. The R30 pine has been strong as of late and after sharing my pine with Scott (Brdflu) the week after Hanmer-nats he pointed me in Slacker_sams direction. A few Facebook messages and a 40 minute plane ride(stupid pencil planes) and BAM! Glorious! Topped off the tank with diseaseline at 6.45 in Motueka, swung past maccas and left at 7pm. 5.5hrs chugging through heavy rain, I was lucky theyd cleared the Lewis of the Spring snow fall that closed it the night before :S 461km from Mot to my door, didnt miss a beat! Safe to say the already noisey diff is making even more noise now though. On with the project! Discussion:
  3. I'm coming to the conclusion that I shouldn't listen to @- i5oogt - or @RUNAMUCK. Terrible influences they are. I got shown some pics of a slightly sad looking R30 wagon by Karl whilst picking up another car. I informed it was in @Slacker_Sam.s possession and he was looking to offload it. Rego on hold, Cert for LD28 + 5 speed, 1000k of RCU in credit, and pens in the foot well! To the question "Should we go and get it?" I couldn't say no. To make the trip from Christchurch to Motueka worth while we planed it to coincide with @datto_610 and @NickJ getting Greg's 120YTHEFUCKDIDIBUYTHIS and I towed @RUNAMUCKs Kraut Barge to its demise. @- i5oogt - also had business in Blenheim so a trip to the VCC parts shed there for some barrying was in order (they had a stock of vintage Chev stuff I wanted to raid). Left CHCH at 7am got to Motueka at 6:30Pmish dumped off the Bavarian Money Waster, grabbed some food and boose, and headed out to where this wagon was parked. It was pitch fucking black. Not one of my better ideas to load up in the dark. Whilst loading up by the light of Sam's Newschool car the old Barry whose house it was at offered us a good deal on another sedan shell with an L20ET plus a few LD28s and gearboxes. couldn't say no again so another trip is being planned. With car strapped on and BBQ supplies in the tray we hauled ass over the hill, paused to get the plate number of an old car(whats that plate Baart), to @yoeddynz and Hannah's for a BBQ and to camp out in their shed (Thanks for the hospitality guys). The next morning was the first time I saw it up close in daylight. Karl said "what do you think pf your new skyline Will?" "What the fuck have i gotten myself into?" is all I could think. on the trip home the cars fuel tank came into contact with the trailers winch and ruptured it proving there was diesel in it and it was sealed up until then. We got back to Christchurch just on dark and kicked the R30 off the trailer in Mum's driveway. It was at this point a couple welds on the trailer decided to break. I blame that lard of a Bimmer. Discussion thread: