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Found 6 results

  1. After a while on this forum ive decided to put up a build for my money pit ex lancer
  2. So i just got a wof and its now rego'd aswell, hopefully i will be getting new suspension for the front and rear within the next few weeks, opting for Mirage shocks in the rear and theres a guy who live near me who is willing to sell me Starion front suspension that has already been modified to suit an Ex. soon to be lower... Hopefully
  3. PROJECT DISCUSSION: Thought i may as well do one of these things, but the progress will be slow. its a 1980 Mitsubishi EX Lancer GLS 1600cc 5 speed 104000ks imported from japan in 1989 and im the 3rd owner since then. was originaly owned by an old dude, then his relation. dont have really big plans for it: lower it a bit. put the wheels on, i want one of them tokyo tow link hanging things... maybe in distant future paint.... then maybe after that a 4G63 sigma engine + diff currently have done to it: Ramflow filter (actually done by snake ) bought wheels (konig rewinds 15x7) Pics:
  4. Hi all, bout time i posted what i've been fiddling with for the past 4 months or so. Its a 1980 ex lancer gsl 1600 auto, stripped and converted to 4g63 twin cam 5 speed, alas no turbo yet, but i'm going to build a new turbo motor when the N/A motor dies (will be soon, fuel in the oil and such like) anyhow. Discussion Thread: //
  5. Project Descussion : ... highlight= Well this is my 5th EX lancer.Hoping to make it the best. Did have an EX 1800gsr turbo back in the days,but blew it up and sold it for $100 not knowing how rear all the bits were (LSD etc etc). This lancer was the average old 1200cc (1273 exact) 4sp.The most commen one you can get. Cruised around for a few months like that then decided i was actually gonna do somthing about it. Engine: 4g63 (2000cc) Twin makuni 32mm downdraft carbs, Ramflo filters 2 1/4" exhaust, 2 low restriction mufflers.No tip, just mild steel 8mm leads Galant radiator Electric radiator fan High flow thermistate and lots of other little things like that...... D50 5sp gearbox. Suspention: Front ventlated GSR brakes and struts, King springs all round.KYB high pressure shocks rear.Sigma 25mm swaybar. Exterior: Mint standard paint 14" Challanger Racing Rims. Removed side trim. Interior: Stripped carpet, no back seats. Tacho, oil pressure gauge. Half good sounds.(pioneer HD, 4" front speakers, 6 1/2" rears, 12"pioneer sub, 600w fusion amp,tuned sealed box) Removed sound deadning Future mods: Sigma Turbo disc rear and diff.LSD Coby extractors Deep dish 15' rims Oil cooler EX2000 front, and two tone bumpers. Do abit of head work.
  6. started to work on the beast again now i've got some money so figured i better get around to this, a fair bit of the info has been up on the board already but it was before we had a project section. its running a starion engine (4G63BT sohc 8 valve) with a stock non intercooled TC05 turbo at present. (next mod will be front mount and TC06, both of which are sitting in the garage. planning on setting up the TC06 with TD05 14G internals if i can find one cheap enough) the gearbox, 2 piece driveshaft, loom, computer, front struts with vented calipers and disc brake rear end (non lsd but i'll fit one as soon as i can find a decently priced centre) are all out of an EX1800 turbo GSR lancer. the engine, gearbox and rear end cost me $750, the front struts a bottle of bourbon and the other stuff (including black GSR interior) came in a rust damaged GSR shell i picked up for 2 boxes of waikato i'm using starion engine mounts although stock EX ones will work once you've removed the locating pin. i've got a set of recaro's out of a pajero (i think, they came with my celica project) a momo race steering wheel and a cheap gearknob to tidy up the interior a little, still looks old but heaps better than the brown stock stuff. its got a bit of an issue with the fuel system (it gets plenty of fuel, its just not cert worthy at the moment) and the bump steer is pretty bad but i should have both of those sorted in the next month or so and hopefully by then i'll have the money saved to get it legal again. the suspension is compressed springs (3" and i wouldn't go that low next time) with early mirage shocks in the rear and i'll shorten the front struts when i get the time. its a bit of a bumpy ride but my integra was lower than this so i'm used to it. pics: from this: to this: and a pic of the interior: just picked up my brand new EX1800 taillights today which is part of the reason i'm motivated, got a new grill too, not sure if i'll use it yet. its different but not 100% sure if i like it better: i've got brand new headlights and one of the corner lights too, malaysian copies but as long as they line up i'm not worried. look heaps better than the dirty old scratched ones. its got a GFB boost tap in it now, plus i've got KYB's ordered for all 4 corners. got to sort my turbo out and buy a blow off valve and i should be sweet to get my front mount put on too. all i can think of for now cheers Matt Discuss: //