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Found 5 results

  1. Discuss here - // Right boes, a dream of mine over the last few years of lurking in the corner of my father in laws rally career has finally come true. Yesterday I took ownership of am 83 Kp rally car. I have been wanting to get on the gravel for a while, and have had a go co driving for my father in law in his escort. Now its time to get into the hot seat myself. He gave me a bit of cash towards this starlet under the priviso that he sits in the co pilot seat and teaches me with the occasional drive, pretty good deal IMO. So dont get excited, this thing isnt that flash, hasn't been used in about 6 years and needs a fair bit of TLC, but thats all good fun anyway. good bits - - "worked" 4k, still unsure how worked, has 45mm sidedraught and quite a high duration cam, still waiting to hear from the bloke who built it for more info. - rego on hold - MSNZ hologated cage, i just need to finish getting my R2 license and get authority card in my name. - different struts with good stiff rate springs bad bits - -a fair bit of bog hidden rust - a bit gutless ATM, gunna investigate a few things (buggered mech fuel pump) and poss pull head off - a ghey colour scheme and average paint - VERY FUCKED DOORS (bottoms are very rusty) photos! bad bits - what it used to look like - what it could look like-
  2. Build thread here - // Discuss / add to my parts hoard here
  3. Bought this in July Last year from Christchurch. Good drive up to Wairarapa no problems however first oil change blew a crank berring. Took the motor out and took to rebuilders only to find motor was beyond repair so needed to find new motor. Have now rebuilt a new motor and am almost on the Road.
  4. This is the Discussion for the Corolla
  5. Use my KE26 Discussion if you want to talk about this project (Click here) Yep so my mental illness / obsession with old corollas continues with the purchase of my latest rolla: The engine is not running right and it is running very rich and carb is very difficult to tune. I noticed the vacuum advance thingy isnt holding any vacuum which probably contributes to the problem. I'll try fix the engine problems next week. Paint wise it looks to have had a single coat over the original paint (in the bonnet and doors at the minimum). And i can see numerous dents and hollows. The plan is to repaint the car in April or May. This stuff doesn't really bother me the price was fair for what the car is. Interior wise the situation is pretty good. Rips under the seat covers nothing major. So the situation with my KEs right now is the ke35 will get a tidy up to daily/cruise spec. Having this will allow me to focus more time and effort into making the KE26 as good as i can make it. The KE26 also requires a respray and hopefully between painting the 35, my mates S13 and hilux, and maybe my brothers E30 i should be able to lay down a bloody good effort on the KE26. Plus i've got loads of good advice from experinced people at weekend resto course. There has been no update on the KE26 as of late mainly because customs is fucking me around with some parts i need which should be released from their evil clutches in the next week. And also because I bought this 35 and am now broke. I also bought a 3 phase air compressor which arrives in a week or two. I'll be doing all bushing in the 26 in the long weekend that's coming up. I hope to have some more updates in the next couple weeks for both these cars. Somehow I end up helping on my flatmates drift car (200sx) than I do spending time on my rolla these days. But he compensates me in bad jokes, sober driving and scrumpy so it's not so bad.