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Found 5 results

  1. I thought it was about time I started a build thread for what has become a far larger project than what I had initially thought when I purchased it. So far its 2 years in the build so I will update as much as I can to catch up to present day. In the meantime Ill get the ball rolling. Back in January 2012 I found this 1983 Toyota AE85 Trueno on trademe, it wasnt exactly what I wanted as I had originally planned to start with a KE70 Sedan however it was listed for $800 so I thought it would be rude not to have a look. Discuss Here : // Turns out the rear end was pretty rusty and it had been sitting in a back yard for several years. It was also de-reged, but it was in original unmolested condition. Nothing that couldn't be sorted with time and money I guess. So I parted with the grand total of $700 and we returned a few days later to tow it home. So I slowly started cleaning all the moss, dirt and flaking rust off to get a better picture of what I was dealing with. Turns out that with a polish the paint was in pretty good nick for its age, it makes me wonder if it spent some time under cover during its life. The original plan was to get the factory 3AU running, replace bushes, bearings, rebuild brakes and essentially get it up to compliance standard so it could be road legal again. From there I was planning to strip it back and do the full build. Well after talking to compliance guys and certifier guy it was decided that I would be spending a hell of a lot of money and time twice. So I decided to take my time and do the whole thing right the first time. I had spent some time mucking around trying to get the 3AU running and actually drove it down the road and back but it had a major death rattle and was smoking like an 80s Mitsubishi. It was time to go hunting for a 4AGE!
  2. Link to build thread: //
  3. fongs

    fongs '82 carina

    Hi everyone, been lurking around for good while now, thought I might put up a thread for my carina. It's a 1982 ta63, suited me because it had a t50 and was efi, I had enough stuff lying around to put a 4age in it easily enough. Bought it about a year ago off a certain Older Southern gent (cheers kyteler). Brought it up from invercargill over a couple of days, the trusty 3t wheezing away, drove super nice didn't skip a beat Rolled around in bone stock glory for a few months, then grabbed a (very grubby) silvertop/link g1 setup a friend was selling. Cleaned it up a bit, made a few things - low mount alternator bracket, re-did the cooling system (now basically a 16v arrangement), did some engine mounts etc etc Soon after parked it up in the garage for a bit. Pulled out the stinky 3t, gave the 'bay a bit of a rub-a-dub Around about that point I discovered exactly why 3a(?) bellhousings are less than ideal, so turned it into a 4a bellhousing because i'm a cheapskate/was in a bit of a hurry to get the whole thing done before the christmas holidays. Worked out well, just jigged the positions of everything off the 't' bellhousing which had the fork on the right hand side Got the gearbox fitted up and put it all in there, plenty of room, should have got two 4ages I'll leave it there for now! Discuss Here
  4. Here is project build thread, looking a bit barren atm: //
  5. So i've had this vehicle for about a year now just been a bit too lazy to document any progress to date. Currently, i'm working on throwing a 20v Blacktop 4AGE into my KE26. Here is the vehicle: I'll post more pics and info soon. Here is link to project discussion: //