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Found 8 results

  1. So I bought this tonight. Further details and plans to come.
  2. Hi all I'm about to start on a 2l pinto conversation on my mk2 escort panel van and am wondering if anyone has any helpful tips or pointers. It was originally an auto so the tunnel is big enough. I have purchased everything from radiator to diff but know nothing about these engines so any info would be great. Cheers Matt
  3. Went and had a gander at this and put a deposit on it about a month ago, and finally organised myself to go get it yesterday. Formerly owned by ESKIN8R who i think originally chopped it up and put it together and then Zebra Dude, who got it painted and sorted the draw bar etc. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/26688-zebra-dudes-esky-van-trailer/ (photos are down) I knew i was in the right place! (you will know their works by the trail of bodies) Needed the lights wiring up, + some beers and Ben didnt finish till 6, so by the time it was ready to roll it was pretty late! Ran the gauntlet no troubles at all, and tows well, will go even better with some weight in it. I also managed to convince Ben to through in some schwweeeet rims. In case you are not a wheel aficiondo, they are * 13 x 6JJ * CHEVIOT * TURBO * Anyway today started getting into it, cut down the roofies from the van ( ) hung a gas bottle from a handy attachment and pondered on how to cram a LWB sized vans worth of camping stuff into half an Escort... Solution - Make the small thing bigger with Extentions! Roll * 13 x 6JJ * CHEVIOT * TURBO * to entice only the hottest classiest babes into the stabbin cabin. Need to buy some hardware to mount the doors then start thinking about the interior. Its basically going to be a bedroom for the boy + bathroom and kitchen that I can tow with the 2300, 125 or my daily
  4. Thought it was about time to start a project thread. Picked her up from the mighty tardme in chch. Drove her home and on the way up the gearbox started doing funny things. Fun. After some research and a mate coming over turns out they run the same gear box as a MGA and he happened to know where one was. Got the box at a steal. $350 balloons then over a month started fettling. Got her up in the air and the first thing i noticed was this. god knows what they were thinking. ha. Then under all the mud along the rear was a bit of cancer. I'm going to jet wash the rest of the underside this weekend and scope out how bad the rest it. While pulling out the old gear box checked over the hoses. Have replaced the hose and slave cylinder at the same time, (no pics yet) The thing was dropping oil like nothing else i've owed the whole way back so again while it was up in the air had a look see and found this. Some on in their great wisdom had tried to repair an oil line with solder. Pissing out so pulled that out and braised it up. leak fixed. After that fitted the good gear box. Turned it over and the fork was hitting the fly wheel so off it came again and fitted the one off the old box. Drive shaft was about 200mm too long so got a spare and took it to Drive Inn (at xsspeed recomendation) great guys. The one i sent them was dented so they couldn't use it. He then quoted for him to use the bits he could and build a new one 3oo + gst. Very reasonable. After a week it was back and back on the van. Few earthing issues sorted and fresh oil all round and shes alive. (will update with pics in the next few day of gearbox etc.
  5. seems there is a bit of an Escort van thing going on, so here are a few pics of mine, that I bought this week. Has a 2.0 Pinto and type 9 5 speed, and goes pretty much like you would expect one to (now that it gets full throttle and not just the half it had!) Someone has spent a lot of money on it (not me for a change) and it is quite a nice old thing to drive. Thinking about panelling over side windows, and converting to "proper" panel van. Not sure I am sold on the 14" Minilite replicas though. I think I like these old 13x7 Cheviot Tridens with BFG's better, for a bit of 70's style bling! Longer term plan is to fit Mk1 bubble arches, and 15x8 Miniltes. Also sport quarter bumpers, and a couple of big Cibie driving lights. And basically anything else that you did to an old 2.0 Escort!! Conrad discussification thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43967-brown-dogs-1980-escort-van/
  6. So, here it is, My new 1982 Hiace Van.... Bought off trade me with a blown motor, 1 con rod out the side of the block. Was located in Takaka, so had to make a massive effort to get it over to here in Wellington..... had to get it towed to a frieght company, then frieghted over the Takaka Hill, to the Straight shippin Company, who chucked it on the Kent, and got it shippped over to wellington for Sunday. So I got the work truck and the trailer and went and piced it up with my man Pies. Well, I am very very happy, becasue I didnt really know what to expect, and the price of the van was pretty low, Im totally stoked with how rust free it is. It has a bit of a dent in the sliding door, and it doesnt close mint, But I will sort that, or find a replacement one.. So I guess the most stand out thing about the van is the paint........ yes, it is white, white with Yellow Diasys!!!! HIPPY VAN! Its pretty cool, did come with a bed base in the back aswell, for extra Peow Peow. Next is the motor....... thought it was going to be some sort of Y sereis, because thats what the person i bought it off sisters boy friend Said... So ait Turns out is 12R Powered............. thats a whole 1600cc of mega r power. So wont be putting one of those back in. Anyway, the short list. 1. Replace motor, possibly with a 22r (we will see Cam) 2. Fix up body. 3. Paint the thing back to Factory White/ 4. Get a Wof 5. Lower The Van 6. Mack out the inside 7. and er.... Oh yeah, Black steelies and White walls with the Chrome Center Caps! Long term Plan, 1. Fit a 1kzte Desiel Turbo motor. 2. get Some mean sounds 3. Chrome the Bumpers Anyway, heres some pics for a good bit of Laughing! MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allan Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21360-seedy-als-ace-hiace/?hl=hiace
  7. heres some pics of my '80 escort panelvan. got a 1600 motor in it with a 3.54 diff to go in shortly. she had a bit of rust and dents and shit when i got her... all of the rust has been taken care of pics at the panel shop... got it back today all primered up. no rust at all now and is looking minnnnt should be mint when its all done
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