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Found 15 results

  2. One British car is stupid. 2 is more stupidist. 1972 Triumph 2.5 PI with 4 speeds and a switch to make some more speeds. Purchased of the tardme for much less than advertised on account of it not working. Was a deceased estate so little information about the not working could be given. Did ascertain that money has been spent, and there is receipts for new metering units and the like. Has been repainted, and clear is blistering in places. There's rust in the front guard, back D pillar window frame and back valance. Spares panels are were supplied with the car but are yet to be collected. So far I've looked for some spark, found it, then lost it, then found it again. I have had it running on some cylinders but not the prescribed 6. So far suspect the coil is a bit average, and probably lots of other things. The main problem, however, is that I think it's been Barried, so nothing can be taken for granted and a full going over needs to happen once I can get the thing to run. All help will be accepted, and I'm sure someone will set up a discussion topic thing for me cause I don't know how.
  3. Discussion thread Started doing some work on this after getting it yesterday. I think it's not been out in the rain for years. It's dry as a bone, but I've found many holes that water will come in because of perished or missing rubber. Little sign of rust. Found that the LARGE battery was doing double duty as an engine steady against the alternator. Replaced the old alternator belt with a shorter one so it didn't hit the battery. The fuel pump is one of those with a glass bowl on top. The rubber seal for the glass bowl is split and leaking. Where can I get one??? Removed the brake master cylinder. It's a dual circuit one. I don't know if these are meant to come apart... Circlip #1 was in 3 pieces. Then a tight fitting nylon washer, I had to drill holes in it to remove it Then a rubber seal, also had to mangle to remove. Then a kind of springy washer. Then another Circlip, way deep in there. The circlip pliers didn't quite reach but I got it out with some wangling. It was filthy, full of gunge. The cylinder doesn't appear pitted. It almost seems sleeved in brass?? Taking it to MP Autoparts tomorrow to see if they can get a kit. I'll probably replace the rear wheel cylinders and rebuild the calipers too. And I found the fan switch! It was the knob I thought was the choke.
  4. This time last year while overseas this triumph popped up for sale in the middle of richmond, luckily no one else seemed to be interested in it (must mean something) and i managed to get the guy to wait till I got back and could check it out. Went and saw it, was pretty tidy, rust free, straight and complete with the 2L manual overdrive. Downside, plates had lapsed after the motor supposedly seized and he stopped driving it. I didn't even bother checking the engine due to having some at home, and came back the next day with my trailer, Left quite quick before he could decide he sold it too cheap and on the way home passed a mates house and we decided to try start it. Appeared to turn over quite freely, and with some fuel i managed to get it running, but didn't run all that well. no brakes or clutch, and sounded pretty sad. Took it home as you do, put it in the garage and not much has happened since, would ideally like to drop a 2.5S engine i have from mk2 in it and get it back on the road looking original
  5. Hi just starting my build thread for our 1976 triumph 2.5tc after many months of looking for a car to buy this trump came up for sale in Nelson, with many messages we decided to make the trip from Dunedin and meet in Christchurch, After 1 hour of owning trumpy we pulled over in Ashburton to check all was ok and noticed we had oil leaking every where After 5 hours of waiting we managed to get trailered back to timaru, stayed the night and up early to fix it to get the old girl home, as we were taking the filter housing off we noticed the o rings had split, the previous owner left the old one when he did his last oil change. after a trip to repco new oil, filter kit and a few washes we had her holding oil again. it turns out the bolt holding the housing on was to long and this may be why there was two o rings to try and seal it. after a very long two days we finally made it home and trumpy got a much needed wash after getting use to the car we decided there was some things we wanted to tidy up started to paint the air filter assembly and give all the chrome a good polish. we also put new plugs and leads as it looked like the had been on there since new, as we topped up the wiper fluid we seen it was clogged and filled with algey.... who knows how long that has been sitting with trumpy all clean and running much better we took it for a drive. since owning it have noticed the starter motor has been occasionally sticking on and yesterday went to turn it on we had nothing only ignition lights .... after a few descent wacks with a hammer she started ( no hills where we live) so we are on the look out for a replacement and any advice on our one , we are also looking for a manual gear box overdrive would be preferred here is our link to the discussion thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53434-matt-lauras-1976-triumph-25tc/#entry1729123 the next job on our list is sort the starter motor.
  6. A conversation thread for my Triumph, because I read the rules and that's how it works around here. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49647-greentcs-1978-triumph-2500tc/
  7. I have had this wagon for some time now. its a cool unique little car. its super solid no rust holes just surface, it runs and drives awesome and it has 70,000 genuine kms. I think its about time i give it a respray and get it all road worthy. once that is done i might keep it and have it as a sweet cruiser or sell it then purchase a triumph 2500 pi. i have wanted a pi for sometime now.
  8. Build thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/50921-mgds-triumph-2000-estate/
  9. Okay so i'm sure you're all familiar with this car.... I saw it on Trademe a couple of months ago and it wasn't far from home so i decided i had to have it. Got in touch with Jake and set up a time to go and have a look. I jumped in my ute with a mate and we head over. Eventually found the place, checked out the wagon and a after a quick driving lesson and loading up a ute full of spare parts we were off back home. The thing was so low it looked cool as fuck. But when my mate who was following in my ute said that it was throwing sparks out the back, and when I couldn't back it out of my shed, I thought i'd better put in some slightly longer cutties... god damn practicality. Next thing I wanted to check out was the air filters because I couldn't feel any suction at all, and as I thought they were pretty dirty. Shot down to Repco and got the only air filter they had the were narrow enough to fit between the carb and the strut tower, and after much modification to the backing plate, I now had twin ram flows This made the wagon run pretty rough, and since I was planning to take it to Brits at the Beach that weekend i googled all sorts of carb balancing/tuning instructions and did the best I could to get it drivable. Also adjusting the timing was a big help. I got a new head unit and tidied up the speaker wiring in anticipation for by far the longest drive i had taken the triumph on. All set, off to Brits at the Beach with my mate in his '71 Avenger, walkie talkies in hand. Got there very slowly with no issues at all. Not everyone there was a fan of our cars but who cares right. Back home after the show and very quickly realised I needed some flashier mags. A bit of searching and found something i liked with in my budget. Unfortunately they're BBS reps which makes me look a bit silly having a sticker that says "fake splits can fuck off" mean while i was still playing with the mixture trying to get a better tune. A few trips out of town soon made me realize Im not a huge fan of exhaust fumes so I had a new exhaust made and a few hundred dollars later no more leaks. A slow day at home i decided i paint the rocker cover racing red. Jumped on the lathe at work and made a little shiny dildo shifter and a couple spikes to go the the rocker cover studs. Decided I wanted to tint the head lights yellow so I went ahead and did it, not every ones cup of tea I guess but its also not everyone's car. Desperately wanted the chrome surround on the front windscreen seal so I got a new rubber off Rimmer Bros (as well as some other parts) and took it to a guy in to get it changed. Made it look alot nicer I think. I got a little rev counter and put it where the not working clock was. Brought a sub woofer for a little more doof doof since the 6x9s in the back were blown. Did a rough repair on the speedo cable to get that up and running. Put in a new fuel level sensor because that thing didnt know which way was up (Still doesnt, if any one knows why please let me know) and set the valve clearances which were really far out on some of them (0.040")... No more ticks And at last my not so creative mind came up with a theme to replace Legit Splits. Being from the heart of the South Waikato... Waikato Draught it is "Support Your Local" Had some stickers made, stuck them on. And that pretty much brings us to now. Cars running Average - Good, looking alot like I want it to look, and with out a doubt keeping me busy and entertained. Next thing to do is shocks and springs because the shocks are fucked and theres no point putting in new ones if the springs are gonna fuck them up again. So Im currently in the process of sorting that out. Keep watching this space
  10. Our new Gt6 It came up for sale in specialist cars on TradeMe for a reasonable price. We already have a project (or two) car so why not another The Lancia Gamma was sold so we have some money and space in the driveway. The universe doesn't like a vacuum. I put an autobid on it up to $5005 and decided if it went higher than that, then I would miss out. Its reserve was $5K and I won it. I was surprised there weren’t more bids but it was listed in specialist cars and not the cars for sale so maybe not many people saw it. I organised getting it shipped to Auckland from Napier which turned out to be a hassle because it wasn't running. It would have much more fun to go down there and do a road trip with a trailer…..or even maybe getting it mobile and drive it home. I just didn't have the time to spare and the buyer wanted it gone. It arrived during the week while I was in OZ so today my son turned up and we decided to get into it and have a look. It turned out to be better than we expected. No brakes Paint is all cracked and faded Rust at the top of the windscreen. Rust in the B pillar Engine didn't start Clutch pedal went to the floor and didn't come back up Hood lining was ripped and had pieces missing Seats were just sitting loose Windscreen wiper was missing (in fact the whole mechanism was gone) Engine numbers didn't match (original engine long gone and who knows what put in its place) More parts in the back hatch than on the car No original wheels So….to sum it up……. it was perfect. So Perfect that Ethan named it Vyvyan from the young ones. First Job… Get engine running. It had a good battery so that went on charge. It had no gas so we went up the road to get some fuel (no 91 for this baby) Dropped in the battery and filled her up Cranked it over and it started after 30 seconds of cranking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPzWs1kgZog Little worried……its only running on three. Give it a rev…….now its running on 4.5 Rev really hard…..running on some weird combination of cylinders but not all at once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkwQRi80b1k We decided to investigate the misfire. It seemed to be coming from only two or three cylinders at the back of the engine so we tried swapping the leads and still it was there. We were beginning to worry that it may be low compression so …out with the compression tester….they checked OK….phew. So the next idea was it must be the plugs. They are BP5ES so we went to one of our other engines and checked what was in that. Turns out it had a whole mix of them but we found 4 BP6ES and chucked them in. That fixed the problem and it now runs semi OK so I will get a new set of 6 BP6ES for it and fit them tomorrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USYK_lOpssA Time for a tea break and to look up the engine and head numbers. Turns out it has a high compression PI 2.5 saloon motor in it……..nice! 132hp stock….150 with PI and a tr6 cam. Next I jumped in and tested the clutch again. First I pulled it off the floor and pumped and push it down and lifted back. After a couple of these I managed to get it working. The only problem is that when I started it up I could hear a noisy thrust bearing….when I pressed the clutch it went away…damn. Looks like the engine will be out over the next couple of weeks. Next job….The brakes go straight to the floor. When we opened the reservoir it had that nice black oxidised fluid that a car siting for 5 years get. The best thing about a tilt front car is that we could bleed the front brakes without taking off the wheel or lying on the ground (as it had started to rain) . We bleed out all the brown/black fluid and air in the front. We couldn't be bothered doing the back as that would mean taking the wheels off and getting on the ground in the rain. Ethan said the pedal felt average but OK so we decided it was good enough to take to a drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmRYXpeCHlw Fun…. Enough work for today…..tomorrow we will bleed the brakes better and bolt the seats in and look at the rust a little closer.
  11. Hi guys, I've just replace the flexi plate in my Triumph 2500s 78' , trans was not leaking before I did this, now it's leaking quite bad and is coming out from the square hole were the plastic breather sits, is there a seal that I didn't know about?, like is said it was not leaking before, I can't seem to find a seal in the manual, nor did I see one when I pulled the torque converter off, , the only seal I saw was where the main shaft came out of the box and it was mint, can or has anyone had this problem?... Help....
  12. Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/19991-new-guys-dolomite/?hl=dolomite Hey, everyone This is my Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Engine: 45 Degree Slant Four, 2Litre,16 Valve Sohc, Twin SU Carbs It is pretty easy to light up the rear wheels. LOl Gets to 100 in about 8.5secs, and ive had it top out at 160kph. It used to be my old mans, but it crapt out and he left it and didnt realli bother with is as, lights blew, brakes were failing and he had just finished doing a full restore of another sprint. So i took it off his hands, The paint was pealing off everywhere, bog getting to about 10 years old and falling out. I started this project in my 6th form year, i finished 7th form end of last year. I stripped the whole car all over, just after skool, and on holidays spent most of my time on the bonet,rear panels, ahhhh most of the car getting it mint for just under a year, Finally got it to a point where it was ready for paint. I work right next door to a panel and paint shop and he checked over the car, told me a few more points to clear up, sand and clean around and right up against the rubbers etc around the windows, so the paint sticks xtra good. Car was sprayed in a creme, with a pearl Light yellow, has a pretty good gloss. 2 coats of sealer, and 5 coats of 2 pot. Just got the number plate a couple of months ago, EATLED for my 18th. And yup that is about it, ahhh plus i spent about 3 days polishing and buffing up the rims the alloy, still have to be painted, new brake pads, new big battery, new lights and ground and power cables. Well i though i better not be so god damn lazy! Just picked up a few of the pics i took while i got the car ready for paint, about a year before we stripped the whole engine down and did, water pump, petrol pump, timing chains, new gaskets and cleaned it al up and put her back together trying to source those pics. I Failed my warrent that i sat yesterday, Front top ball joints, lower shock mount rubbers, and a torn steering boot, pretty minor things i thought. Found a guy in my area that has alot of parts so i am going to see him tomorrow and hopefully be able to get all the parts then ill take the car to bits to put the parts in during the week will take alot of pics. Anyway a few pics of what the car was like when i first started it, and just a few random shots.
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