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Found 8 results

  1. My 1972 Daihatsu Max 360X has now been some 4 years in restoration. Starting with full brake rebuild then on to fuel tank restoration (sealing the old rust!). I got it running though very poorly, so decided to leave the engine until last. I took it to a local mechanic to get it roadworthy - so plenty of small jobs were needed for that. Biggest obstacle seemed to be the windscreen. They wanted it replaced but eventually accepted it was OK with a re-polish. The engine needed a total rebuild and took some 18 months of tedious work. Sourcing parts is such a headache from Japan! Finally little Max is registered (Club) and running on the road. He just may be the only one is captivity still? Next job is stripping the surface rust and doing a repaint. I am having a go at that myself. Here is a pix of Max as he is today...
  2. Discussion thread First build thread so am still working out website. Hope everyone enjoys and feel free to add comments as am still learning so much about these crowns. Earlier in the year I had purchased my first toyota crown. I've been a long time toyota fan building them and playing with them since I was 16 (8 years ago). I brought it off a fella in Christchurch and coincidentally had a week off work at the time. So I spent the next week getting the thing a wof as it hadn't had one in 10 years. Its a mettalic blue Ms83 crown wagon. Rough around the edges but it ran, it drove and it had no rust. I brought it for 4.8k with the reg on hold. I suppose I should have knocked some cash off my offer but I've been a massive crown wagon fan for ages so I just payed the asking and picked it up the next night.
  3. Hey OS I am looking for a garage/lockup/workshop to rent, to work on two motorbike projects in the Wellington Central Area... (a 1985 and 1988 MZ ETZ 250) I would do them at home except its in an apartment garage which has a sensor light that goes off after 5mins, and that I am not allowed to do any work in there. So looking for some sort of lock up/garage/workshop that I can store the bikes during the restoration and do some work on them during the occasional weekday evening and weekends during the day, ideally space would have power but at a minimum some sort of lighting but I think that would be it... Cheers Andrew
  4. Good evening and welcome. I sold up my "modern" car and bought a Hillman Hunter. The initial plan was to buy and maybe slam on wide steel, but after an eventful evening, i think i'll just keep it nice and factory and do a little bit of resto work on it. here's some pics from the day i bought it very potato spec pics Here's some pics from it's first proper drive with me behind the wheel and here's a pic from an hour into its first drive. and that's my story. Discuss here
  5. So, discussion thread for my Skoda S100 any comments, criticisms (constructive only please), ideas, help, or info regarding the project go here, all welcome
  6. I have been getting a 1972 Daihatsu 360X back on the road over the last 4 years. Starting with a full brake rebuild, then fuel tank repair and seal, radiator flush and restore, new battery, plugs, and coil. It looked hopeful little Max would run. A startup produced hopeful signs, but the previous owner had played with the oil injection system - disabling ti and getting it to run on pre-mix. Why!?? After a trip to a regular mechanic (ignoring the engine issues) it took several more months to get it roadworthy and Club registered. But I did! Only to discover the engine a non-goer... A further stint of over 12 months with a trusted mechanic and 2-stroke expert pulled the engine completely down and discovered blanking plates inside to stop the injection system. Oh dear. Fortunately, I had bought a heap of spares when I got Max, and had spare pistons, etc. So a rebore and engine rebuild got the mighty 360cc engine putt-putting again. It still has a bit of an idle issue... but runs well, and once I re-attuned myself to the start and driving techniques suitable for it, I find it is a great around town runabout. It has created a lot of local interest here and it is really pleasing to have a Daihatsu 360X that really does 'go'! Now I am working to restore the paintwork and get Max prettied up, though keeping everything original. Love to chat to any NZ people with this kind of car? (Visiting NZ in September) [ Catch me chatting about classics - including Max - on 'Car Talk' on MAIN FM radio, Saturdays 8-10am (Aussie Eastern time) : it streams from mainfm.net ] I have some parts available I may be able to help with... Any Daihatsu 360s running in NZ??
  7. So guys, thought I would announce it and make you jealous even though I have yet to pick it up I just found a `74 Skoda S100, so I made a deal with the owner. Pics will follow in the next post, but current information I have discovered is as follows: Year: 1974 Make: Skoda Model: S100 Owners: 3, two little old ladies and then a garage for 16 years Kilometers: a genuine 57,335km Rego: lapsed Pics and discussion link in next 2 posts
  8. Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51814-footeys-1980-mk2-escort-shinanigans/ Right lets make a start, I brought a 1980 mk2 escort back in late 2011 for 900 as a runner rough but legal (somehow) standard 1300 thought it was all dandy, these are the only picture I have of it back then lovely amber orange (puke)
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