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Found 6 results

  1. Well it all started with getting along with the guys at the vdub shop. They had the low light there for a we while had been stripped and sand blasted. The owner was been hard to contact and wasn't doing much. I made a silly offer and got no where. In the end they wanted it gone. Several emails from me to the owner ended up no where. Aiden and I had been talking at the vdub shop trying to help him get it out of his way so he emailed saying sorry we have had enough and have pushed it out side. Saying good luck with the sale it's just going to rust. I then got a email back from the kombi owner saying sweet we have a deal you can pick it up when ever. Meanwhile aiden hadn't put it out side was still in side. Anyway picked it up today. This is pretty much beths kombi as I'm not aloud another car. Got to many bills to pay. She had been sitting a while in the same spot collecting some dust. Token petrol station picture of the new car. And now I collect rusty volkswagens in my spare time I had priced up all the patch panels before going in with the deal so this shull be fun. I also have to finish my valiant before I can start on this. We will see how that goes. Chat about it over here
  2. So yeah brought a kombi. Well Beth did.
  3. Right-e-o. Cause I didn't have enough projects on the go I thought I would start another one. Well I kinda gotta start another one to sell a few more of what I've got. So I brought the 1st one so I can show case what I'm going to sell. And hey it's a car. It's oldschool and yeah it will be slammed. So without further ado here is my 1st split window kombi. Me for scale @Archetype for scale So the plan is either find a little go kart chassis and engine or maybe a quad. Make it work keep it slammed and get it ready before kumeu. The guy who is making them for me is going to put a mobility scooter in his but I'm going to want it hide as much as possible I think. Have spoken to Brent and we are going to make some window stickers up to make it look more realistic. But hey here is the beginning of something cool.
  4. Discussion thread - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45928-stylez-59-borgward-hansa-kombis-discussion/ Hi all, Discovered these on trademe a week or so ago, tried emailing the guy heaps of times with no reply. Figured he might have sold them but didn't give up. Managed to track him down through something he bought on trademe, luckily the guy still had his number. Went out to have a look and there was no way I could turn them down. They are 1959 borgward hansa 1100 kombi's , previously known as goliaths. The white one turns over, so should be a good starting point. It seems to be a bit rusty obviously, but they have been barn stored for somewhere around 15 years. They both seem to be complete which is great, advertised as one to restore and the other as a donor car as floor in red one is all but gone. The red wagon used to be the post wagon in Winton (small town near invercargill) some years ago, and still is red with a white roof. I'm not sure I've got the heart to pull a cool peice of history to peices, but work and costs may determine otherwise.... We shall see. Few photos as I'm yet to collect them. Not seen in photos : huge amount of parts, couple of gearboxes, spare head, motor parts chrome, lights, front axle, blah blah. Brilliant to have. The red one : What they look like in better shape : An interesting one built by Paul Bennet in AUS, not my cup of tea, but cool none the less. Plans are fairly undecided at the moment, I'd like to try and look through some newspaper records at the library and see if I can find a picture of the post wagon, I'm unsure if it ever had any other livery on it or just the red/white scheme. Depending on how bad the floor is and the rest of the rust is, there may be potential to restore it somewhat, even if only to display. Both are unfortunately de registered as you've probably assumed, so I'm not really looking forward to the re-vin process, but that's a long way off. Discussion - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45928-stylez-59-borgward-hansa-kombis-discussion/
  5. ere we go again Its running a 2L EFI type 4 aircooled engine, plans include: externally standard with new paint and dropped on spindles and adjusters with horse shoe's and splines on the rear, more comfy interiour with something to listen to and watch
  6. I thought some of you guys would be interested in this, my mates been building a Kombi panel van for a while now and iv been asking him to join O/S and start a project thread, so today he gave me a disc of pics and said i could start one for him. So heres some pic's: (He will/should be joining up soon enough so he can explain things then) Next in line Plans include a 2 tone paint job and possible a set of bags!
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